New Blueprint for Humanity

Banking and Financial Systems Solution

Why this is needed:

The current pirate banking and financial models are designed to harvest our life force energy. They only work when communities are sufficiently divided and weakened in trust that people rely on the bank to provide an “artificial” form of trust — “security”. Using “security”, a community may still function but at a greatly reduced efficiency, and often facing consequential pain that comes with ongoing strategies to keep the community divided (vital for the banking model), including war, crime, drugs and attacks on morality. Not once have we seen any evidence that banks are interested in the people, only in harvesting vast sums of money from them. Capitalism is pure greed, as we have witnessed with wholesale medical fraud. The very fact that investors can hold Government to ransom is a national disgrace, and a serious dereliction of duty of the Government itself toward the people. The model and structures of this greed-based system that engage in the following practices shall not be legally, lawfully, nor morally condoned or allowed to continue to operate within the financial system.

A first step in building a new model is to remove the failed components of the old model:
• Remove the Federal Reserve as it is not a national bank and remove its subsidiaries such as J.P. Morgan, BOA, Citibank, Goldman Sachs and Wells Fargo.
• Remove the Bank of International Settlements, IMF, World Bank and other Central Banks as they have been a blight on America and the world.
• No marketeers, bloodline families, shareholders or any of the old-world failure programs.
• Remove all trading exchanges/platforms altogether, another group impacting we the people with their hyperinflation.
• Remove the two-tier banking system, known as the front and back systems. The front is the public version and the back is a secret and private banking club, that uses and harvests funds from the front system.
• Remove the two-tier Wall Street and other market exchange systems also. This is another front and back system that harvests funds from the front system, but the majority of global sales are done by another secret and private banking club in the back system. The back system also has an algorithm advantage over the public front system, including on the floor in Wall Street, with a 4-7 second delay between the two systems. This allows the cheats in the back system to always be ahead of the game on stocks.


Nationalize Central Banks and give them to the average people to run, call them The Peoples Bank (e.g. The Peoples Bank of America). The Peoples Banks will not be based on greed, harvesting or creating their own mini-empires. There will be no money laundering, derivatives, dodgy lending practices, mortgage scams, etc. Adopt the Ucadia money and financial system model, a comprehensive and complete global financial system of laws, legal structures and constructs, registers and rolls, instruments of value, agreements of value, markets, accounts, credit, money, treasuries, banks, firms and goods capable of operating as a self-contained system that can replace current systems.

The 14 core elements are:

  1. Laws that consistently define the rules.
  2. Legal structures and constructs such as rights, trusts, estates, property and funds that establish consistent ownership, values and administration of property.
  3. Courts and legal enforcement that ensure the honest and impartial application of laws.
  4. Registers and rolls for the recording of various lawful structures and constructs of value.
  5. Instruments of value derived from registers and rolls, capable of being exchanged or being held as collateral and security.
  6. Agreements of value to signal transactions of economic value, capable of being held as collateral or security or monetized into an instrument of value.
  7. Fair markets for the exchange of rights, obligations, credit, goods, property, instruments, funds and money.
  8. Accounts being ledgers of markets and various institutions enabling recording of transactions, exchanges and settlements.
  9. Credit being an internal and enclosed form of money of a market, enabling exchange and the settlement of transactions.
  10. Money being units of measure, units of account, units of redemption for value, means of exchange and reliable stores of value.
  11. Treasuries being the custodians and controllers of money and the purchasers of securitized instruments and agreements, purchased by banks in the conversion of financial credit into money.
  12. Banks being the providers of credit into certain financial markets and sponsors (converters) of credit into money, through the collateralization of monetizable instruments of agreement secured in the provision of credit.
  13. Firms being trading entities within markets and the producers of goods available and capable of being sold.
  14. Goods (including services) manufactured by firms and sold or traded within markets.

All forms of charging compound interest, by any name, representation or calculation shall be considered a profane act against Divine Law; and a deliberate declaration and act of perfidy, treachery and immorality and shall therefore be banned, forbidden and entirely suppressed.

Who gains:

The true power of the people themselves, working in union, freed of the bonds of banking servitude, freed to exercise their right, their duty and their sacred honor within the true rule of law to provide new guards for their future security by building trusted communities.

Who benefits:

Individuals, families and communities benefit from the self-determined and inspired return of investment into growth, improvement and innovative projects that expand beyond essential needs to the spiritual goals. And dreams born of higher consciousness of those who can source themselves to future-think soundly in the collective.