New Blueprint for Humanity

COVID Solution

Why this is needed:

COVID fallout will be a big problem in the near future, and we are already seeing the effects of that even at this early stage. If all doctors and researchers who spoke up and out against this scam are correct, then major issues will arise. Government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, CDC, NIH, WHO, FDA, mainstream news and big tech corporations all conspiring together have harmed all peoples. Experimental “vaccines” and malpractice have caused deaths and illness, job losses and business closures due to lock-downs, mandates and fear. COVID is a disaster and the experimental injections are responsible for significant harm. It will also lead to massive mistrust of all departments and organizations involved in it, not least the doctors and nurses.


  1. Full Disclosure of the COVID scam and the experimental injections responsible for injury and death is required.
  2. The only lawsuits should be against people whose children have been harmed, with no excessive payouts because the children suffered due to their parents’ poor decisions.
  3. The solution for how to deal with all pharmaceutical companies is not to fine them, but to have an independent assessment done by some of the doctors who spoke out against the medical system at the beginning of this scam, plus some common sense people with some pharmaceutical background.
  4. List all drugs and their side effects, and if any are found to have too many side effects or excessive side effects, those drugs are to be automatically banned, with no appeals.
  5. All drugs found safe or safe enough, are to have a maximum profit margin of 10% across the board. This then will substantially reduce the costs to the public and will lower insurance premiums.
  6. All pharmaceutical records are to be made public and all shareholders are to be made public, with no exceptions.
  7. Break up pharmaceutical companies and turn them into cooperative businesses.
  8. All research drugs are to be assessed and must be of benefit to the people.
  9. All bio-warfare drugs, poisons and harmful vaccines are to be destroyed.
  10. In medical companies, there are to be no CEO’s, middle management or brokers, no ownership and only guardianship to be shared among all staff.
  11. Remove all senior members in Government who advocated or mandated COVID measures.
  12. Review and restructure the medical boards and licensing regulations, as required.
  13. Remove all leading medical professionals who advocated or pushed these experimental injections.
  14. Dissolve the CDC and other agencies and corporations purporting to be government departments altogether, and give all funds over to the Restoration Plan which the TPC is designated for.
  15. Remove the CEO’s of all hospitals and clinics involved in the COVID fraud.
  16. Dissolve the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and give all funds over to the Restoration Plan.
  17. Require all Governments to create a unilateral ban of all bio-warfare research, testing and use.
  18. The following organizations and people are to be banned for their involvement or promoting this agenda: Top brass Military, FDA, Facebook/Meta, Twitter, You Tube, Google, Microsoft, and all other platforms associated with banning people who told the truth; CEO’s of all hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes; News media personalities and editors of all newspapers; and all School boards.
  19. Restore every person who was blocked and kept from working their jobs, and repay what they are owed from the salaries and bank accounts of all of the above-mentioned perpetrators of this fraud.
  20. Restore every business that went bankrupt due to lock-downs, which will be paid for via salaries and bank accounts of the above-mentioned perpetrators of this fraud.
  21. Set up a disciplinary committee with medical professionals and select alternative media to investigate all research centers, and hand over all documentation pertaining to what is being done in these centers to another committee to evaluate whether this research is beneficial or not.
  22. Temporarily close down all medical research centers including those of the Military, Governmental and Non-Governmental Agencies.
  23. Re-purpose several US Military bases into holding centers to evaluate all the above-mentioned persons, and to assess prison time and potential for rehabilitation via teaching. Decide whether they should be used for community purposes on a low wage. This plan, with some adjustments and input from other adult-based and future-thinking people, will also remove psychopaths and greed-based people, and remove the numerous programs and agendas from being used against we the people.
  24. All of this would be entirely paid for out of the salaries and bank accounts of the perpetrators of COVID harm and fraud, reducing those accounts down to a maximum of $1 million.

Who gains:

Humanity and healthcare, as a whole gain as the healthcare professions will serve the betterment of health and well-being moving forward. Those harmed by the COVID measures will be compensated. Those members of the medical professions who spoke out about the COVID fraud will retain their profession and income. Those companies that provide effective and health-promoting remedies will continue to operate and their employees will continue to be employed. New companies can start and operate as the old medical monopoly is broken up. Governments will cease to waste money on bio-weapons, harmful research and medical costs associated with the COVID scam. Taxpayers will not have to pay the costs of the COVID fallout as these will be paid by the perpetrators of the fraud. The Restoration Plan will gain funds to be used to restore the health and well-being of the planet and the people.

Who benefits:

We the people that have been affected by the COVID hoax will benefit as Humanity begins a return to Sovereignty, by regaining health and confidence in any future healthcare provided (see Healthcare Solution). Healthcare workers armed by full disclosure of the truth about the ‘virus’ and the ‘vaccines’, will have better tools for helping people that were affected by disinformation and by the various mandated measures, and thus will be enabled to help people achieve the goal of self-healing. Removing nefarious influences will automatically benefit all of Humanity by shedding more light on the misinformation. All will benefit by accountability of media and Government and thus trust can be restored.