New Blueprint for Humanity

Full Disclaimer for Full Disclosure Solution

Why this is needed:

This world is a disgrace and an embarrassment, riddled with the most evil of crimes against humanity, and yet no one has come up with a solution to correct these ills. Much of the world’s crime is driven by engineered scarcity, whereby many people have no option but to get involved in crime. Crime, in overview, pays big money and is seen as an easier lifestyle, despite the risks involved. Drugs and other trafficking renders massive amounts of funds, whilst at the other end of the scale in many countries, hard-working people are being paid what is called the minimum wage. In some countries the wage borders on scandalous and doesn’t even cover the minimum. Only greed-based people will advocate for a minimum wage which does not cover the cost of the basic needs, nor does it rise with the secret tax on the people, called inflation. The minimum wage in western countries is not acceptable, and yet in many other parts of the world a minimum wage of around $10 an hour, is seen as a literal goldmine, with some not earning that in a day, despite longer hours and some not earning that in a week, which is shameful. Those involved in crime reason, “why work a 40-hour week when a drug deals or other crimes can generate that income in an hour or so?” There are obscene methods in which people are driven to making money around the world. This must be balanced by the fact that there are many who hoard it like it is going out of fashion, which can never be spent in multiple lifetimes, whilst so many go without. This is the people’s perspective of crime, all driven by greed at the top end. But there is another side to it that also must be addressed; the seedy world of corruption, fraud, coercion and blackmail in the higher corridors of power. It seems to us that, unless you have a darker side to you, one will never reach positions of power and influence. This is a dereliction of duty to the people, whom you are deluding, while claiming you are there to serve them.

What is behind this solution:

As a researcher for years within the alternative media and before it even existed, I have read and witnessed everything connected to this planet, as our deep archives of shows on hundreds of topics reveals. Whilst there has been and there are many atrocities and corruptions perpetrated against the people, unlike other media shows, I have pointed the finger at we the people as well. In summary, you cannot blame 100% of the world’s problems on 1% of the people; statistically and logically it is not possible. We the people accept our role in it. This is an appeal for the so-called powers-that-be to do so also. The world is in complete disarray. The corruption, fraud and deceit is now rendering all the current systems of operation defunct which can no longer continue in the same manner. Ultimately the whole world will collapse; financially, as that cannot be fixed unless radical solutions are taken, and societal break down and lawlessness will ensue. I know some of the rich members of society are preparing underground bunkers in fear of what happens next, as a baying public are left to fend for themselves, with the power of guns or other weapons leading the way. The public will come after you as they have no other alternative, and the world will descend into total chaos and collapse. No security, mercenary or military group will save you; it will be a free for all. You know it and we know it. We have presented a range of solutions to fix this world and operate in a more fair and transparent way. In solutions where everybody gains, the poverty class is raised up, the lower class is raised up, the middle class is more balanced and the richer class who fear a baying public will be offered safety and security in return for helping us restore this planet. We have one problem left to deal with which pervades society in all positions of power. That destroys the ability to do common sense decisions, that does not allow for them to help or aid the public in any way, and is riddled with agendas formulated by lobbyists and think tanks who are the bane of our western society. Here is our solution to that problem.

The background:

All positions of power and the people in them, be it government, intelligence agencies or military are operating under a strict code of coercion and blackmail. Vast databases on every person based on what crimes they have committed (coerced or not), sexual preferences and outright schemes to lure and entrap them into doing something wrong, to then leverage them into doing the bidding and the work for the hidden elements of society, who do actually run the governments. Politicians and others are terrified to make their own decisions based on some misdemeanour of the past. In the past it was commonly surrounding homosexuality. Nowadays it can be drugs, prostitutes or the worst variety of underage sex with minors, again whether coerced or not. I say “whether coerced” as there have been several instances whereby an official is set up by rogue intelligence agency players to trap them into doing something wrong, to then do their bidding. This is a largely hidden game, operated under a cloak and dagger tactic, far away from the public eyes and is a disgraceful way to operate. Are our so-called agencies and military in some cases operating against the people? It leaves many questions but delivers few answers that makes sense, but lots of speculations like, are these our people at all? Why would so many operate in a manner not beneficial to humanity? The problem, as we see it, cannot be fixed or remedied and like our other solutions requires a radical overhaul which only a blank slate or tabula rasa can bring. The following is a new common sense solution for the government and all other leading officials, that ends the blackmail issues, ends the retribution cycle and if developed and administered correctly, can send us toward a more adult way of thinking and path. Anna Von Reitz mentioned recently about the treasonous acts by several leading officials, several of whom will potentially be hanged, if true what happens next? The masses will demand blood and or incarceration, which is understandable with the people’s current mindset. But what happens if they are arrested? What next? Ridiculous lawyer fees? Endless debates? Hate and anger groups or vigilantes? Plus, it will cost an estimated $90K a year per person to house them in prisons, wasting more taxpayer’s money. What if there was an alternative? A move away from the mass finger pointing and blame game? A move away from endless hours of sanctimonious drivel spat out by the MSM on these topics, while hiding their own role in the cover ups. A move away from the unlawful BAR system-based lawyers, who would all rub their hands with glee with cases like this, collect vast quantities of funds on the cases, which the American public has to pay for. One of the major obstacles to correcting these issues is people being frightened to speak up and out. We can continue with the lies and cover ups, which eventually make their way to the fore, or make a radical adult-based decision. Everyone has done wrong things, and everyone has been lied to, fooled, duped, threatened, tortured and mind controlled. What is left is a broken planet with broken systems and nothing works like it is stated to do. We can carry on the child level antics of blaming everyone else, or come together and formulate a real plan for the greater good of all. My plan is for a platform to be created for full disclosure of all crimes, for a full disclaimer (amnesty), unless those crimes involve harming children. It is a planetary-wide blank slate and a real reset; in our image, not the dark forces image.

The background to this is several pronged:

  1. Our government is over-bloated and it is too expensive, $14.5B+ a day is a scandalous waste.
  2. Many jobs need to go, and many in high level government positions have committed criminal acts.
  3. All are blackmailing each other to keep their criminal acts under wraps.
  4. Prison populations are overcrowded. Adding many more to prisons creates more costs for the tax payers.
  5. Drastically reducing government jobs in one go will in part crash the economy. This can be done in a phased in and phased out operation.
  6. Things need to be addressed in a better way for karma reduction, a remedy to society for failure of their duty.

If many of the officials are guilty then what are the solutions? Should they go to jail? But part 4 above states that is not cost effective and where to put them is another issue. So how can this all be achieved with one solution?


  1. Create and sign an executive order allowing for all government, military, agencies and subsidiary groups connected to it, a full disclosure for full disclaimer, unless involved with crimes or abuses to children.
  2. Call it the Truth, Honor and Integrity Act, because those three traits are what will be required to move forward. This will allow many to come forward and speak up, and will end the blackmailing culture and fear that pervades the corridors of power. Many want to speak up, but live in fear of being potentially exposed for their own misdemeanours or roles in it. Many of these people did not start out as the bad guys, but the whole culture and set up of this group is designed to trap all who participate in it, in any way possible. Their purpose is to gain leverage over you so you then have to do their bidding and dirty work, or face being exposed or in some cases murdered along with your family. The Kennedy family is a prime example of this, although none of them are or were clean either, in fact the whole family are Black Sun members.

So how do we fix it?

  1. Create committees based on the criminal acts undertaken and place those corrupt officials who come forward on that committee. What is the purpose of the committee? The corrupt officials will have a safe environment to reveal all the others who were involved in the criminality act(s).
  2. Disclose who gave them the orders? Who they worked with? Who was involved on a wider scale? Which countries and or governments where involved? What contracts were made or signed? Who did the deals and who gained the most? What banks were involved if money was part of it? Reveal all the bank accounts, confiscate them all and close down those accounts.
  3. Sequestered funds to be returned to the country or countries they came from, including assets stolen.
  4. Establish an espionage committee, government contracts committee, foreign contracts committee and the list goes on. Each participant in this program would join the relevant committee and reveal all those they were involved in and who with.
  5. Create a database to house all disclosed information, to eventually be made available to the public, with the crimes redacted. The name revealing will not matter, as people will see their public official is no longer in their previous position.

Who will administer it?

  1. The database will create jobs for those being moved out of their former positions who haven’t been involved in criminality or who haven’t come forward as an accomplice.
  2. There will be jobs for analysts, researchers, investigators and general office positions. This will then provide detailed analysis for analysts and researchers to pour over and can be used to bring in other people over time.
  3. The lower-ranked military, state guards or militia can do the removals, with the full backing of the law and with support to do so.
  4. Use designated buildings, preferably some that are up for sale or in need of repair in a downtown area, which when refurbished can be used for a better purpose when this task is completed.
  5. Each state to have one building with enforcement at each building, preferably lower military or national guard members on an assignment basis.
  6. Employ members from our Truth, Honor & Integrity group as many of them have the knowledge of various criminal acts and will understand the logistics. Use other alternative media show hosts or listeners to oversee transparency and fairness. These will be temporary jobs until the task is completed.
  7. Those in temporary jobs can potentially be employed elsewhere in government positions preventing these crimes from ever occurring again, following the completion of this project.

The final outcome:

  1. The committees would end when the entire network is exposed. After the investigations are completed those who exposed it can be employed in roles to prevent it ever happening again.
  2. This will eventually expose the whole network of criminals and criminal acts and would clean up all of our governmental departments, which are rampant with corruption, fraud, dodgy contracts and in some cases, what would be classed as terrorist leanings.
  3. They would not go to jail, which will be a relief to them and end some of the fear, but they would be working for the people to investigate and reveal all others in the network. If they hide something and/or fail to fully reveal things the jail threat and/or the public’s disgrace of their actions should be a sufficient deterrent.

The whistle-blowers:

  1. A true whistle-blower protection act should be implemented and enforced, to ensure no infiltration, harassment or threats can be received by the whistle-blowers or their families.
  2. Build dedicated new servers and computers to undertake this work that don’t have any back doors to the agencies, militaries, third-party subsidiaries or any other outside threats. These computers can be a side project to eventually replace all computers, laptops, tablets and phones without back doors built in for spying, profiling, advertisements or mind control techniques.

To fund this solution:

  1. Whistle-blowers would be employed by the government in these roles, whose salaries would be cut to a maximum of $75K per year, their pensions drastically reduced without the government salary/pension for life.
  2. The government salary/pension for life deal needs to be removed from the table once and for all, as a penance for the abuse of office positions. All have gained more than enough during their work time, not taking into account the kickbacks and brown envelopes they have received to not require or warrant those expensive pensions, all paid for by the American people. The savings from this can go back into the public funds, which can translate to less taxes.
  3. Remove their security for their travel arrangements and any other perks of office.
  4. Should they be earning $75K a year or more from other ventures, the committee salary would be reduced accordingly. If found that their other income is linked to criminality, it will be seized and put it into an American fund to improve life here. Preferably the funds should go to our charity, The Peoples Club, as it is our idea and we already have the structure and ideas to take things forward for the benefit of ordinary Americans. Their crimes are against the American people and the American people should gain the benefits, not the lawyers or the much-maligned justice departments.

Benefits to and for the American public:

  1. This drops those who abuse their office down the so-called class scale; no more expensive homes, cars, boats, etc. and is more in line with the American people. This reduces the gap between the haves and the have-nots and creates a more balanced earnings quota amongst the populace. One hour of their time is equal to one hour of everyone else’s time, so why the disparity in earnings? It is not right and creates poverty and poor living conditions for too many. Some will say “You can’t expect us to live on a $75K salary.” I say you can, if you quit the self-entitlement and greed-based game. Sell your assets and downsize like everyone else. Other solutions we have put forward will put more money in your pockets anyway so the $75K will be deemed as decent earnings overall. A salary of $75K a year is a gold mine to the vast majority of American families and it all comes down to perspective and, in reality, socialist lifestyles create mass poverty.
  2. It will end the fear and blackmail game currently that is holding the old control system together, garnering a more fair and transparent way of operating.
  3. It will end the repugnant secrecy games that are rampant throughout the corridors of power. It will end the Rothschild’s and Black Sun groups, it will end the Dragon groups, it will end the lobbyists and terrorist-based lobbyists like AIPAC that, in part, are responsible for the fear and blackmailing games.
  4. The savings for the American public will be enormous, plus criminal monies can be added to an American people’s fund.
  5. Taxes will be slashed with a staged reduction of government workers from the current 23.8M. It does not require nearly 24M people to run the government, that is a tragic waste of public funds. The enormous savings of wasted taxpayer money spent on spying and surveillance will be a huge boon to the American finances.
  6. It will save on prison costs for these high-profile people. In fact, the salary maximum of $75K a year is less than the cost to house them in prison for most cases. Is it not better they are employed to clean up their own swamp and do something productive, instead of rotting away in prisons at great cost to the people? This method also reduces the karmic retribution culture allowing for these people to work on themselves and in some way clear their own karma, which then benefits us all.

Summing up:

How can you help? And what is the Truth, Honor and Integrity Act?


  1. Come forward and expose any and all criminality you are aware of or involved in.
  2. Expose the masterminds behind the illicit activities.
  3. Who gave the orders? Who benefited? Which governments/countries/institutions were involved? Which banks or organizations facilitated the operations? Which laws or loopholes were used and how, etc?
  4. You will be part of a committee of whistle-blowers and/or previously corrupt officials who come forward. The committees will be a safe environment to expose all relevant details and then work on solutions to right the wrongs and ensure they never happen again.


  1. You will not go to jail; this does not apply to crimes or abuses committed against children.
  2. You will work for the people and will be compensated for your efforts and contribution, though this will be at levels in line with the pay of ordinary people, not greed-based, high-powered positions.
  3. For your full disclosure and full cooperation in exposing all the crimes and ills you are aware of or were involved in, you will receive a full pardon.


  1. The work of the committee will end when the whole network of criminality is exposed, solutions are identified and put in place to prevent a repeat scenario.
  2. Depending on the nature and depth or breadth of the area of investigation, the committee’s work will generate a significant number of jobs, analysts, researchers, investigators, logistics, security, general office positions, etc.
  3. Your contribution will be beneficial to society, by correcting past mistakes as well as harm and suffering caused. But also, most importantly to yourself as well, by your own rehabilitation and personal development. We all make mistakes, but we can also turn these mistakes into lessons by changing our ways and in doing so we clear our own bad karma and cleanse our souls.

Come forward and speak to us, as together we can make a big difference. We can build a better humanity and a better world for generations to come.
– I am calling on the good people in the government, military, CIA, FBI, NSA, DHS and all other agencies to stand up and expose those criminals in your midst publicly, as silence equals deaths.
– I am calling on the good people in the police to step up and expose those in your midst, as silence equals deaths.
– I am calling on the good people in the military and pentagon to step up and expose those in your midst, as silence equals deaths.
– I am calling on the good people in the masons to step up and expose those in your midst, as silence equals deaths.
– I am calling on the good people in universities to expose the agency-based operations in your midst, as silence equals deaths.
– I am calling on people in hospitals, drug manufacturers and research centres to stand up and speak out now, as silence equals deaths.
Yes, silence does equal deaths and it is your duty and obligation to stand up and speak out. I put myself at risk, the same as many other alt media show hosts to reveal this criminality each day, so I am not asking you to do anything I haven’t done. You all owe it to your family, your friends, your colleagues and your country to remove their fear programs and speak up. To make America great again, you have to be great, not a fear-based mute. We cannot allow our fears to overcome us and must fight this evil head-on; we must rout them out and make them accountable to the people. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for we the people are with you and we will comfort thee.