New Blueprint for Humanity

Pedophilia Solution

Why this is needed:

We want to rebuild a society where children can thrive in a loving, caring and safe environment. This is imperative as they hold the potential and promise of a beautiful future and will carry things forward. They must be protected from the harms of pedophilia in all forms and adrenochrome harvesting abuse. The damages caused by these actions to children are catastrophic on so many levels. We must move forward in the healing process that encompasses all aspects of trauma created by the acts of pedophilia; fear, abandonment issues, rejection, trust, programming, sexual traumas, mind control, alters, anger and rage to name a few. Any shame or guilt felt by the survivor must be minimalized as much as possible through the healing process.


  1. Military tribunals are the only way forward. Many of those in the military have already seen and/or committed similar horrors and so they are better able to cope with it. This must be transparent to a portion of the alternative media and common or natural law proficient observers to view the proceedings for fairness and clarity.
  2. Give those involved a formal hearing so they may outline what they have done. There is no point in having a defense lawyer as that is beyond defensible, with no plea bargains. Broadcast all pedophiles on national TV and have them read out the full list of their crimes, with no redactions.
  3. All those found guilty will be housed in underground bunkers of Epstein or Necker Island in which they hid away from the public and used to torture, kill and sexually abuse children. This will give them time to ponder their criminality in the very place many of them exerted their power over children. In addition, this puts them all miles away from the general public. No outside contact, no visitors and no perks with no chance of parole for the evilest characters. Their only role is to correct as much of themselves before there time is up here, and work off some karma so as to not infect future timelines with their dark desires and intentions.
  4. An opportunity may be granted to those of a lesser extent than the above. Many have been coerced and or blackmailed into these types of heinous compromising situations. These individuals would be summoned to attend some form of a realignment camp with the possibility of being released back into society should they recover fully.
  5. Moving forward we must create a zero-tolerance environment for this type of behavior; the example will be set. Create a safe environment for speaking out on this. Society needs to learn to speak up and speak out to end this, silence is complicity and consent.
  6. The creation of TPC care facilities for these survivors will be of great importance moving forward. Those in the profession of caring for these individuals must come from a certain background or level of experience. There will be some who have endured the cyclical multi-generational family traumas and pedophilia and therefore a basis of understanding must be gained. The creation of treatment centers not connected to prisons for rehabilitation of offenders. It would be of great benefit to these children if those who were past or present programmers within the bloodline families would join us, in these ongoing efforts of healing the all, given their personal hands-on experience and knowledge base.

Who gains:

All children will benefit by gaining healthy boundaries. They will be able to grow up in a much safer and more stable environment and will be able to develop properly as they should. They will be able to build a strong healthy self-esteem alongside the necessary essential core values, which will help them create current and future leaders of society and generations to follow. The global human population’s consciousness and vibrational frequency will automatically rise with this darkness being healed and lifted up.

Who benefits:

Those who have harmed others and/or children by means of being involved in these heinous acts will be given an opportunity to work off some of their karma. Our and future generations will benefit once this is properly addressed and is no longer tolerated and is eliminated from human society. The hearts and souls of humanity will benefit; as above and so below, as within and so without.