New Blueprint for Humanity

Countries Solution

Why this is needed:

For the last 500 years the world has been moved towards a system of pauperism, ignorance, depopulation, barbarism and debt slavery. For the survival of our species, it is imperative to create a new system that elevates and equalizes the condition of men and women in all countries of the world.
“One looks towards universal war; the other towards universal peace.” – Henry C. Carey, Harmony of Interests, 1851.


A. All countries must be made sovereign and to do so, the old system must first be deconstructed.

  1. Cancel all treaties, pacts, trade deals, weapons deals, UN and NATO directives.
  2. Old pacts or treaties tying them to the more powerful countries must be removed.
  3. Cancel all global memberships; they did not serve any country well.
  4. Remove all rogue elements from our soil.
  5. Eliminate all loans to all countries initiated by the old system.
  6. Remove all politicians that were put in place at the request of agencies and the old system.

B. Sovereignty can only be attained with self-sufficiency, and to do so:

  1. Every country must analyze all commodities they import and work towards self-sufficiency.
  2. Trade deals can be made only with other countries for items each country needs, with no clauses or stipulations, just a straight buyer and seller deal.
  3. No hoarding of commodities; all major commodities to be shared equally amongst all countries.
  4. Corporations or external countries that think they own mineral resources or lands are to be bought out, and the natural resources can be returned for development by the people.
  5. All those who acquired businesses, harvesting a country’s assets, did so out of the Trust and also did so by leveraging the assets. That means the Trust owns all the assets. Buying out and returning these resources to the people should not come at a great cost.

C. Adopt the Ucadia model of global and regional unions founded on the True Rule of Law as defined in the Ucadia Covenant of One Heaven. This Covenant is founded on the truth that a unifying singular force, unique collective awareness, the one true and absolute Divine Creator of all existence, bestowed in trust to all humanity certain irrevocable rights and obligations in perpetual remembrance as trustees for all life on planet Earth.

Within this system, each Union of countries will have 11 primary objectives:

  1. To design, nurture and implement sustainable systems of improving health, learning, well-being, sanitation, industry, clean environment, law and order and prosperity within communities, towns, villages, cities and countries across the union.
  2. To secure, protect and defend the union, seeking peaceful, amicable and harmonious relations, treaties and alliances with all unions, bodies, countries that respect the Golden Rule of Law, justice and fair process and to pursue, prosecute and bring to justice any individual or body that seeks to abuse, trespass or injure the union or any countries or regions within the union.
  3. To protect, prosecute and enforce the laws of the union and to seek mutual recognition of such jurisdictional rights, with foreign bodies and courts that respect and operate within the Golden Rule of Law, justice, fair process and to ensure that the courts of the Union are recognized as the first, primary and original jurisdiction for the resolution of all matters of dispute.
  4. To support, reward and grow innovation, employment and intellectual property, capacity, productivity and profitability among businesses and companies of the union.
  5. To teach, encourage and support growing respect and trust in the institutions of the union, and to ensure all regions within the union are represented by elected and living members of the regions. Ensure the formation of a permanent Parliament as a valid body politic with associated authority, powers and lawful controls. All officials must be elected, there will be no divine right or bloodline inheritance of any official positions or titles.
  6. To select, support and honor the commission of key officers within the union, to ensure the fiduciary life of all ministers and officers of the union, are conducted according to the discipline and spirit of such sacred commissions.
  7. To teach and encourage existing networks of people that share the same common values as a Ucadia union to consider becoming a member of the union.
  8. To support and operate the government of the union holding all administrative rights, powers, faculties, capacities, uses, titles and authorities related to all valid Ucadia union regions and countries.
  9. To administer and facilitate all lawful transactions and communications for the proper financial management of the union.
  10. To establish, maintain and strengthen amicable, harmonious and respectful relations with all bodies politic, societies and entities within and without the union that respect the Rule of Law; and to assist, support, aid, nurture, respect, honor and help the people of each union using the full resources and powers of the union.
  11. To protect, defend, support and assist in times of need, the people in all regions of the union and to ensure the maintenance, strengthening and improvement of the quality of life for all under true dignity, mercy, honesty, harmony and fair justice.

Who gains:

All the people of the world will gain when living under a complete system for sustainable prosperity.

Who benefits:

All the people of the world will benefit equally as each country within each union restores full sovereignty and all countries are treated as equals.