New Blueprint for Humanity

Gangs and Drugs Solutions

Why this is needed:

When it comes to alcohol, tobacco and drugs there are no regulations of pesticides, synthetics and additives used for the processing of the finished product. It is a freelance industry with an almost unlimited open door to poison people’s minds, bodies and spirits. Ultimately funding the downward spiral of those who ingest these products, those funds go back into the pockets of oligarchs and criminals who have no regard for organic life in general and humanity in particular. People do not know what they are taking into their vessels, because the ingredients are not listed to provide a free-will informed choice. Too much time is taken from the police on subduing violence and theft created by a system that is put into place by their controllers, and people’s tax money pays into that same feudal system. It mitigates the enforcement of valid law, by men and women that do want to make positive changes in the community that they live in and with.


  1. Submit and/or test by approved laboratories all tobacco, alcohol and drugs/controlled substances for synthetics, poisons, pesticides and additives of all kinds.
  2. Regulate manufacturers of alcohol, tobacco and drugs/controlled substances and require that their products be labeled with a list of all ingredients and contaminants.
  3. Legalize drug, tobacco, and alcohol sales and consumption with no rules, no regulations and no incarcerations unless users commit crimes such as robbery, vandalism, or violence. The legalization of drugs has been proven in Holland, Portugal, Germany and Venezuela to drastically reduce crime, deaths and drug abuse.
  4. Create a drug division within social services programs, hospitals and dispensaries whereby the drugs can only be sold there or the pot distribution centers, which takes it off the streets and out of gangland control.
  5. The current pot and alcohol shops are to be given the resources to expand the shops to include a support structure for the users.
  6. All centers have staff made up of people who have sold and/or taken drugs and wish to give back to society.
  7. In these centers, only 4 questions are required. 1: Name? 2: Address and contact information? 3: Do you want help with your addiction, yes or no? 4: If answer is no, what item and how much do you require? That’s it, no lectures or finger pointing just a straight and easy transaction. This now places the responsibility onto the people who choose to purchase these substances. They are responsible for their own actions. They exercise their free-will choice and no one is responsible but them for the consequences.
  8. Place all gang leaders arrested into the Full Disclaimer for Full Disclosure Solution.

Who gains:

More jobs are created such as technicians for labs and testing facilities, as well as coaches to teach on various levels. People who do have addictions will have resources available to them that they can relate with to get clean. Police can spend more time with real problems in the community. Former members of gangs and former addicts can be employed in the legalized system and help others in the process.

Who benefits:

Extra taxes will help local and state budgets. Some of the funds generated would go into teaching programs, which creates more jobs to really teach the public of not only the external dangers, but the far more damaging internal dangers these drugs produce. Too few people are aware of the influence of dark spirits and possession of the vessel enabled and initiated by using these drugs.