New Blueprint for Humanity

Preface to the New Blueprint for Humanity

Why is this needed:

There are multitude of reasons for this, but the two most important being:

  1. This world is collapsing under its own weight of failure, fraud, corruption and deceit. It has failed us all and cannot be fixed. We need to build anew in an all-inclusive way, that is not based on the failures of the past in any way, shape or form.
  2. Following the Peace Treaty and under the 2016 Earth Restoration plan formulated by some of the people and the Universal Council, this planet was designated as such to Humans – Higher Universal man, to restore and operate the planet in a better way, than the previously designated parties.

What I and a few others understand is way beyond most people’s comprehension, of how, why, what, where and by whom this planet was being operated. It was a dark forces plan, whereby everyone including the “chosen ones” (of which there were several). Royals, bloodlines and EL-ites were all deemed surplus to requirements by the former controller. Our world, on a basic understanding level, has reached a tipping point of no return. The old world you knew will no longer work; it was never designed to work. All of our systems, be it government, banking, military, agencies, care facilities, security facilities, charities, foundations, global organizations, churches or conglomerates are all failing and will continue to do so. Have you all wondered why nothing works anymore? Why every program you all run on the people and the planet turns into an ouroboros program? Where one program swallows the other and failure after failure is your return? Since the major shift in our timeline and trajectory after 2012, all the old systems, plans and programs no longer work. The loops and repeating cycles of “time” have ended also. I am sure many of you reading this will reluctantly agree on the above.

Well, there is your answer as to why this needs to be done. The old world and old ways are gone; they are not coming back nor are your “gods” returning to fix things. It all now comes down to what we do next. We the people can sit back like we have always done, acting like children and waiting for you all to fix things, or we can take the greatest leap our version of mankind has ever seen. All of you who thought you had the “golden ticket” should now realize that was a ruse. It was a total distraction ploy, because whilst the former controller gave you all the wealth and the illusion of power, you gave him exactly what he wanted … all the world’s assets. Those assets have all been safely returned to the Global Trust; there are funds aplenty when the world is ready for this change. Until then, the Trust stays closed. That is no loss to we the people as we never got to see much of it, but to the EL-ites, despite your wealth, the funding pot is diminishing by the day. It will not and cannot be replenished until you step down and work with us. You need the Trust, we don’t. Together we can use the Trust for the maximum benefit of us all and I mean the all, not the greedy few of the past. So, to those of you sitting in your ivory towers at the expense of the people, it is time for you all to come off of your falsely created elevated platforms and start over as equals with all the peoples of the world. You, like us, were played all along; you, like us, were lied to all along; you, like us, were used and abused all along; and you, like us, were used as batteries to feed the greedy, psychotic and malevolent. Look around you, nothing works, the people and every system is in chaos.

How long before it gets violent? Who do you think the people will come for when the Covid scam is unveiled to more of the public? Yes, I know it was a scam from the off, after having been privy to a call with one of the lead players in the Asian Black Sun group. He said, “we don’t know how to stop it”. Well, we do and this plan will safely, nonviolently deal with it all. We spoke with a lead Rothschild and he said similar, but what happens to those of you who orchestrated it, when the people all find out? Because, despite your “Jewish” mafia-led media and social engineering platforms banning or blocking everything, it hasn’t worked to stop the flow of truth, has it? It won’t, because we are in a phase and frequency of truth, look up the definition of Satya – the golden age. Your permanent Kali Yuga is ending permanently now as well. Lies and devious plans fail all the time now.

How long do you think you can carry on spinning your wheels and continuing ouroboros programs? How long will you tolerate failure? How long will it take for you to realize that nothing works? The great question then is; when it ultimately fails, what happens next? What happens when the people have no food or water? What happens when the people cannot afford energy, homes or businesses any longer? What happens when civil unrest inevitably rears its head? How are you going to deal with all of that, without initiating violence and martial law tactics on a people who have nothing to lose? It is going to get really ugly. The peoples patience will snap and you will be the target of their wrath, along with the police, as they have always been your first line of defense. We can avoid all of that and come together with these solutions, in an enlightening and adult manner, none of which involves violence, killing people judicially or otherwise. This will be accomplished under the full Disclosure for full disclaimer solution.

This is America’s big opportunity to truly be the beacon for the world, with a plan that is not complex or secretive, but out in the open with the ultimate transparency. A radical re-think of how to change everything across the country and eventually the world, into a world that involves drastically reduced criminality and fraud, as the sharing of everything with everyone will end most crimes. The crimes committed now and in the past are addressed in this solutions blueprint. It is a tabula rasa, a blank slate for us all to start again in a better way. Abuse and other crimes against children have to be the line in the sand. These solutions are about all of our futures as all are included in this restoration plan. Currently, no one has a pleasant future, least of all the high earners, EL-ites, bloodline families, royals or any other self-appointed or self-serving group. The old world has descended into the pit. It’s finished and will eventually phase out of existence altogether. Our task is to build the new one, so that we all have a future, particularly the children and the grandchildren. This plan will take 40 years or two generations to complete in full, due to having to teach the children a new way and also to retrain all teachers and parents, so that in two generations time the new way will become our modus operandi. Great changes can be made within 2-5 years, particularly in relation to the poverty situation. Much can be achieved within 3-6 months, if we all act like adults and work together. Gone with poverty, gone with shortages, gone with debts that can never be paid back, gone with failing children at school, gone with wars, gone with high crime rates, gone with homeless and gone with environmental issues. No more shortages of basic needs, no more high unemployment as the people will be in decent paying jobs and will want to work for the all.

Our challenge to you is, how long will it take before the whole planet blows? Like it or not, you will need people like us to protect you when it does. By implementing these solutions we can avert this in a peaceful and balanced way without needing to pointing fingers. As a representative of we the people, we take full responsibility for the mess this planet is in and we are willing to work hard to correct it all. Before it gets ugly, we are offering you the opportunity to accept your role in it and work with us to correct each and every issue. It is my understanding from the Council that there are 489 aspects to the full Earth Restoration plan, and we have detailed many of them in this document. We, like you, are currently small in number but not lacking in will power, effort or drive to undertake this monumental task. We are aware it was only the few who took over this planet and steered it onto a bad path. Rest assured, it will only be the few who will take it back and steer it onto a better path. It is said that a country that fails its children and elderly is destined to fail. We have failed ourselves and it is our task to fix it. The great question: Will you have the courage to step down and work with us as equals and change this planet once and for all? The dark path failed. The path of the light awaits each and every one of us.

Which side will you be on when the great shift happens? Mr. Biden said in August 2022: “I believe America is at an inflection point, one of those moments that determine the shape of everything that’s to come after.” Indeed we are, but this is not your normal inflection point, we are on the precipice of something far larger than us all, not just in America but the world over. An opportunity for us all to go on the right path, a path that determines all of our fates, and it all lies within our own hands, effort and sweat. The most monumental time in Earth’s history, where the people themselves have the ultimate task to fix the broken, worn down and failed old world and build a world and planet in our image, not their image. This is a once in a lifetime chance for humanity. We will not get another chance to remedy this.

We have failed as a species far too many times in the past. This is it, our final countdown, either to glory or banishment into star dust, scattered about the cosmos as a failed experiment. An opportunity for all of humanity to finally come together and end the divisive programs we all ran on each other. An opportunity for humanity to be proud of itself, not riddled with laziness, low self-worth, insecurities and fears. An opportunity to right all the wrongs and steer this planet and its differing races into a harmonic world of peace and prosperity. A planet of growth, not stagnation or indeed, abject regression. A planet of abundance for all, not drastic differences in class and the many who have next to nothing. A planet where the people thrive and live life to the full like it was meant to be, not slaving to death or immersed in crime just to exist on a day-to-day basis. That is not life or living; it is an abomination and a dereliction of duty by us all. We the people have had enough of NATO, No Action Talk Only. Come join us and let’s be the change. Now is the time to get off of our collective backsides and do something that has never been done on this planet before. This is the first time in history we the people have come to you with an actual plan that will work. Let us not repeat His-story, but create Our story, together.

Thomas G. Williams