New Blueprint for Humanity

Health Care and Health Cost Solution

Why this is needed:

The Medical / Pharmaceutical / Insurance monopoly in the US no longer serves the people. Health costs in America are beyond the range of madness and beyond the price bracket for many Americans. This is not befitting of an advanced country, never mind a civilization. The cost of American health treatment is almost as bad as the death rate of medical malpractice, which remains the third leading cause of death in America.


A 12% payroll deduction for National Health Care on a $50K a year salary would cost around $6000, which is less than the $7200 to $10,800 people are now paying for private health care. This then ends the health disaster in this country of people tolerating illness and injury, because of the frightening costs of obtaining basic health care. Impose a ceiling of 10% maximum profit on any medical item, and reduce CEO salaries and perks to below $150K. This will cut out the greedy and barbaric Insurance companies, whose costs for basic services is frankly obscene.

Additional Solutions:

  1. Establish a National Health Care system, based on a 12% payroll deduction, that provides for medical, integrative, holistic and alternative care. Any who choose to pay for their own health care can opt-out with no penalty.
  2. Reduce the price of pharmaceutical products to manufacturing costs plus 10%. Costs of all medical consumables, facilities and personnel to be no more than actual costs plus 10%. Wages of all corporate and administrative officers and medical professionals to be no more than $150k per year.
  3. Establish a TPC-led pharmaceutical assessment team to examine the efficacy of all pharmaceuticals, aimed at gradually eliminating all harmful or ineffective drugs and products.
  4. Create a public information campaign to reveal the real health dangers of pharmaceuticals and to introduce alternative health care solutions, while teaching and promoting self-care and self-healing.
  5. Establish rehabilitation centers in all medical facilities to treat those harmed by drugs and vaccines, at the expense of the pharmaceutical companies that produced and sold the drugs.
  6. Establish a TPC-led medical assessment team to replace all current medical associations, (AMA, FDA, Big Pharma), to examine the efficacy and use of all standard medical practices, used by physicians, psychiatric professionals, nurses and all medical staff. Gradually eliminate all harmful medical practices.
  7. Create a public information campaign to teach and promote self-care and healing, the use of integrated, holistic and alternative care, while using medical care only when needed.
  8. Establish rehabilitation centers to treat those harmed through medical malpractice, at the expense of the physicians, hospitals, clinics and care centers involved.
  9. Establish learning centers to teach holistic and integrative alternatives to medical professionals, who choose to help remediate the harm they have caused and continue to practice.
  10. Provide holistic, integrative and alternative services alongside medical services in every medical facility.
  11. Establish a TPC-led assessment team to set standards of care in all care facilities for seniors, the mentally or physically disabled, convalescent care and end of life care or services. The priority is to be the rights and wishes of the client, allowing for a natural, peaceful outcome when appropriate, instead of misplaced and costly life-saving measures.
  12. Establish a TPC-led assessment team to evaluate all advanced healing technologies that have been withheld from the general public, and schedule the release of those that are found to be beneficial to humanity.

Who gains:

All human beings will regain their health, their prosperity and their sovereignty. All health-related systems will gain through this reform as all harms are mitigated, and society and the Earth healed.

Who benefits:

Benefits will be for all American people and agents of the former system seeking redemption for the harm they have caused. The future health and posterity of all of humanity and of the Earth herself. Each solution point will curtail the actions of the “experts”, as the people break their co-dependence on medical doctors and pharmaceutical drugs and products. The people benefit with a new system of sovereignty, self-reliance, self-responsibility, self-healing, caring and sharing and universal prosperity.