New Blueprint for Humanity

Mass Media Solution

Why this is needed:

Mass media has been monopolized with only six organizations controlling all the worlds media outlets – television, print, radio and internet. This monopoly has had a devastating effect on all peoples and countries. It has created enormous stress on many peoples, and rendered the public with lower levels of intelligence, by believing in blatantly false stories, interpretations and distortions of the truth. We must address and eliminate the one-story-only that is exhibited on all channels and all media outlets, of the elite-controlled monopoly which deliberately confuses and misinforms. The mass media commits treason on a daily basis against the global population with propaganda, agendas and divide and conquer scripts which are mostly lies. A “nothing changes for the better” scripting is weaponizing news against we the people with 24/7 predictions of doom and gloom, facilitating a lowering of the global collective frequency.


  1. Create new entrepreneurial companies out of the alt media, to start presenting truth and interesting topics that teach people, all to be funded out of the assets of the mass media companies themselves.
  2. Employ them in the disclaimer program to be mentioned later, and community service.
  3. Remove all the intelligence agencies and military involvement in the news.
  4. Report positive-based news, of how life is improving around the world.
  5. Encourage people to come and work together, to heal the division created by the news media cartel.
  6. Eliminate the Telecommunications Act of 1934 and other amendments, and refine it into a much more open, transparent Act that benefits all of the people.
  7. Create more documentaries on how to improve life.
  8. Promote and apply learning tools to benefit and teach humanity.
  9. Over time, expose the criminality, agendas and our true history.

Who gains:

Humanity gains as a whole once the programming stops, and humanity’s natural critical thinking abilities return, which will open up the mind/body/spirit connection for growth and a return to what is really important. The family unit can return to healing and grow together with purpose once the force feeding of lies and deception ends and is replaced with truth. Once the family unit which is the sacred unit of human society is realigned correctly, this will automatically feed into society at large. Children will no longer be brainwashed from a young age, thus encouraging their and by extension humanity’s true potential. Jobs will be created that are more fulfilling and benefit communities, countries and the planet. Talented individuals can explore their creativity with purpose and discover true job satisfaction.

Who benefits:

The people who will no longer be harvested by the corrupt media monopoly and communities’ true needs will be met with truth, honor and integrity.