New Blueprint for Humanity

Soldier Return Solution

Written for American soldiers, but can be adapted worldwide for all military personnel

Why this is needed:

There is a pernicious and fundamental problem in how America returns its soldiers to society after duty. Many American active-duty soldiers can’t return home due to heavy drug and chemical use/abuse, as well as the mind control aspect, which is pervasive and goes farther than most people realize. Go-pills (methamphetamine derivatives), et al, have been a cause of many problems, not the least of which is addiction. Vaccines have been mandated continuously throughout the history of armed services and continue to cause untold damage as well. When you include illicit drugs, you can then see the problem. This is not to mention the wide-ranging psychological issues that accompany addiction and/or battlefield traumas. A common report is that the person we knew before leaving for duty is returning a much different person. The reason is in the name; they are soul-diers, not soldiers. They have died inside figuratively speaking, and in far too many cases commit suicide. This is a national and global disgrace and must be rectified quickly. The Pentagon is aware of this problem, and so was Mr. Trump, which is the reason he retracted the order to bring many more troops home during his presidency. We the people are tired of paying twice or more for our military programs.


  1. Allocate 10% or more of the D.O.D. budget each year towards saving our own sons and daughters from the program called military service.
  2. With many military bases dotted all across the country, a portion of these can easily be decommissioned and repurposed into hospital-like healing centers for returning troops. These new healing centers will aid the PTSD, maimed, MK Ultra’d, drug-addled and poison-injected soldiers, with the goal of eventually returning them to their family’s whole.
  3. These facilities will be cure centers and not involve drug-induced psychosis, electric shock therapy and the current litany of unsuccessful and harmful treatments. Arrange to release known cures, many of which have been suppressed and they are numerous. These will be focused on curing the soldiers long-term, based on a naturopathic and holistic approach to healing; addressing the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual components. Hospital staff, versed in all aspects of drug and chemical abuse, mind control abuse and PTSD recovery, to name a few, could give our returning soldiers a solid chance for recovery. This will all be done in a safe, enclosed environment until the soldiers are restored and ready to return to the public.
  4. Returning soldiers will be treated with care and respect, and will be placed in centers as close to home as possible, with open visiting times. After all, the families will need help adjusting as well. If practical, a hotel will be built on the premises to house visitors, the costs of which will be paid out of the military budget. The more care a soldier needs the more it will come out of the military budget to make sure these needs are taken care of.
  5. The returning soldiers have the right to know the facts about who was really controlling the military, how patriotism and nationalism was used to entice them to join and continue service, as well to rationalize one’s misdeeds while serving. Simply put, following orders is not taking personal responsibility.
  6. Additionally, families and communities will need training in how to reintegrate the returning troops back into the fold. Lessons from the past have been learned when we do not repeat those mistakes. We plan to implement an outreach program to assist with this.
  7. In understanding that for some, the military is their family, one difficulty with leaving military service is losing the “family” you have bonded with. It is likely there are some veterans that have no family to go to or have broken families and communities that cannot handle a returning veteran. Returning troops will have the opportunity to connect with a network of other veterans, which we will create. This will serve as supportive family units where they can bond and get the connections and encouragement they need while supporting one another after being reintegrated. How many vets wind up on the scrap heap because they have no family, nowhere to go and no ongoing support after integration? We don’t want another post-Vietnam tragedy; we will fill that gap with the aforementioned veteran support groups.
  8. We will include training classes on as many vocations as possible to aid the soldier’s transition back into society. Classes will be held in these centers, along with a fitness center, study material and everything the veteran may need to get back on their feet and back home.
  9. Careful assessment of each individual’s case, including how they can be fully rehabilitated back into society. This will occur when the staff believes the soldier is ready and not based on a one-size-fits-all principle. Assessments for transitioning back into society will be based on their mental and physical condition, their home situation, job prospects and funds available for living expenses which the center can help with. Post-discharge support will be available for those who may need it.
  10. Some will ask, how can this be implemented? Or who pays for it? It can be implemented by the people; families demanding the return of their sons and daughters. Once they realize in sufficient numbers that their children are not fighting for America or the world’s people, or even freedom for that matter, they will decide enough is enough, and it ends. As for paying for it, this will be accomplished using the D.O.D. budget, which stands at $967 billion, currently. Well over half of it is wasted through black budgets, DARPA, backroom deals, the AIPAC lobby, fakery and outright mismanagement, to name just a few examples. The comptrollers can’t tell you where much of the money ends up or how much there is available, stating rubbish about outdated computer systems and such.

Who gains and who benefits:

This will benefit both the returning soldiers as well as their families. It will also benefit the public as a more well-adjusted individual will re-integrate into society.