New Blueprint for Humanity

Rogue Elements Solution

Why this is needed:

Crime is just about the largest issue we all face on this planet, and yet, too often the ones involved in crime are the ones that were supposed to prevent it. Sometimes this is due to coercion and blackmail at the top of each organization, and sometimes it just becomes a malignant opportunity because certain departments or groups have designated themselves to be free from oversight. There has to be a better way of operating, where people have more opportunities to live a successful and sustainable life, without having to resort to crime. Life on this planet has to return to a more fair, balanced and lawful way. The propensity to do the most awful things on this planet in the chase for money and power, has become a blight on us all. This can be addressed within each country, as to what their actual needs are to make the country viable, in terms of the economic, cultural and social needs of the people. Crime comes in many forms other than the most obvious of drugs and prostitution. We have seen and heard of far too much of the hidden realms of crime, involving the most heinous practices ever.

Examples include child sex slavery, child labor, organ harvesting, adrenochrome harvesting, using war and disconnected migrants for many of these types of crimes. Then we have the corporate crime, the obvious being fraud on a massive scale, but the less obvious to the public is, these corporations are operating as part of an elite cartel. They are funneling massive amounts of wealth away from the people and making everything far too expensive, beyond the reach of most people around the world. The biggest crime is that a large proportion of the world’s people do not have any access to the basic necessities of life. A lack of access to water, food, sanitation, shelter, clothing and energy, in this day and age is a global disgrace to us all. Apart from the most obvious crime elements there are other categories that have committed mass crimes against the people. Recently it is Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Astra Zeneca, fronted by Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates. Other institutions that are not conducive to we the people are the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Clinton Foundation, the Pelosi group and the Open Society group as part of the George Soros enterprises. The Rothschild group and the other Families have looted wealth from the people and the Trust. The mass media have foisted untold lies and propaganda on the people. Other large corporations like Walmart, Boeing, Northrup Grumman, Bechtel, Halliburton, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, BAE and many others, most of whom gained unfair advantage due to the 1976 Non- Compete Act, whereby they were obtaining materials at 50% of cost. All the above also obtained multibillion dollar deals over decades in no-bid contracts, robbing the American people of their money.

It is time for the rogue elements to:
• Put an end to all military research centers and DARPA, who have done untold damage to millions of people, with their human experimental trials and warfare bio-weapons.
• Put an end to the secret society groups like the Freemasons, that have run not only Washington DC, but many other places as well.
• Disband all the agenda based groups like KKK, Black Lives Matter, Antifa etc.
• Cooperate with agency personnel and remove all gangland-based groups, like MS13, Cripps, Farc Guerillas and many others, most of which were created by or worked alongside the CIA.


  1. All militaries will be paid what they are owed or due, providing they all walk away from the Rothschild’s Clan, Dragon Groups, Secret Societies, The Black Sun and any other groups not operating for and by the people. Their role would be to look after the people within their own country and each country would take responsibility for their own people.
  2. The relevant militaries and armed forces will seize the assets and operations of the above mentioned. Sell off all their ill-gotten gains, most of which was looted out of the Trust and the public’s money. Some of those proceeds would then go towards paying back the people within their own militaries, mercenaries and other agents who haven’t been paid on past contracts.
  3. Place the relevant people into the Full Disclaimer for Full Disclosure program.
  4. The remaining portion of the proceeds will go back to the restoration planning, which will be funded as part of their budget with no repayment to the Trust for these operations.
  5. Provide aid to other countries who request it.

Who gains:

The military will be paid the appropriate amount for their service. This type of military operation will solve much in terms of enlistment shortages; the shortages will eliminated by this solution. This brings an end to the coercion and blackmail of people in positions of power, which is rampant in the above organizations. The government will have more funds to spend on the people. The country, as it can be free of whole swathes blighted by crime. The people will see the value of their properties rise as with drastically reduce crime, people will feel safer to live in more places. The next generation of children, as fewer of them will be forced towards crime, due to a safer, more inclusive and opportunity-based environment.

Who benefits:

Every American and indeed, everyone the world over as we will no longer be funding or dealing with entities that do not serve our best interests. The counties and state budgets will not be stretched by dealing with large amounts of crime within their borders. The military and its soldiers, as finally they will be doing something of true value and will be working with our own people to correct the abuses, as war has no true value; in fact, all wars were started for power and monetary gain, none of which was shared with the people. All people, including security and safety people like the police, will feel safer in their jobs and homes. The people, government, states and counties will all have extra funds to spend on beneficial things for their communities, instead of the high cost of crime.