New Blueprint for Humanity

Government Solution

Why this is needed:

A Government for and by the people in this country has never existed in its true form. It can be argued we have not had an American government since 1871, and indeed further back to the formation of America in 1776, by founders who had a personal and vested interest in creating such. The United States, the US, the U.S. or USA has nothing to do with America the country or its people. It is a private corporation operating as the government, registered in Delaware as USA Inc. As such, we do not have a president of the country, but for all intents and purposes, we have a CEO of a private corporation. The “US” and “U.S.” are not what the vast majority think they are, the “US” means municipal government which is the United Nations, and “U.S.” indicates the British territorial government, two completely separate forms of government, neither of which is the people’s government. The United Nations is actually functioning as another independent international city-state, a municipal government which has been given safe harbor by the city of New York, which also allows NYC another municipal government to exist within its confines. This was set up identically to the district governments, with the British territorial government being housed in the District of Columbia and the municipal government being housed within the confines of the municipality of Washington, DC. We have New York City and within New York City, like a set of nesting dolls, we have NYC and within NYC we have the UN Corporation ensconced in its separate independent international city-state, operating under its own sovereign immunity on our shores, and all without the permission or knowledge of the actual state, New York or its people. America, like many other countries, does not even run its own government services. The 19 or so government services are run by another private corporation called Serco (UK), and some other non-affiliated companies.

There are 4 separate constitutions being run simultaneously, none of which are operating for and by the people. The policies of the American government are not being run by the politicians, but by secret organizations like the Council on Foreign Relations, NATO, the UN and the WHO. Other organizations controlling the government are the Club of Rome, the Rothschild’s and the banking fraternity, the Federal Reserve, Tavistock, Bilderberger groups, WEF, WTO, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the Round Table, Rhodes and Milner groups. Other influences in foreign policy making are the US intelligence agencies and US military, neither which are operating for and by the American people. Not to mention the considerable perpetual interference in government policies run by a foreign nation, namely Israel and its army of lobbyists, that operate solely for the benefit of Israel, not America or Americans. None of the above is, has been or will be beneficial for we the people. The above is an example of a completely failed model and has now collapsed in dramatic fashion. They’re running counter-intuitive and indeed ouroboros programs that are not fit for purpose. This has perpetuated a gross mismanagement of the funds of the American people and rendered the country and its people a pariah nation to much of the rest of the world. Americans are left with a government that contains no oversight, no personal responsibility and no clear or defined path for a brighter future for us all. It is a broken system that cannot be fixed, over bloated to fund private interests, using a series of departments that not only duplicate, but at times triplicate and more in some cases, leading to in- department fighting, discord and mistrust. America currently does not have its own government, indeed the entity operating as the government is not even on American land. Neither does it have its own law, currency, organic constitution, bill of rights, central bank, treasury, tax and revenue division, sovereignty, military, intelligence agencies or even voting machines.

The government has failed the American people in all services, care and security and has allowed a foreign-based coup to take place under the noses and beyond the understanding of most of the American people. We cannot and must not blame politicians for all of the ills, who have been badly misled. The people themselves are as much responsible for the mess of the current government, due to their own lack of participation, responsibility and the desire to pass the blame onto others. Mr. Biden said these words in a speech September 1st 2022:
“I’m an American president, not a president of red America or blue America, but of all America. I believe it’s my duty, my duty to level with you, to tell the truth no matter how difficult, no matter how painful. I believe America is at an inflection point, one of those moments that determine the shape of everything that’s to come after. And now, America must choose to move forward or to move backwards, to build a future or obsess about the past, to be a nation of hope and unity and optimism or a nation of fear, division and of darkness.”
Well Mr. Biden we agree, and this is the solution to what you requested and desired. The current operation of an acting government has failed us all, and it is time to rebuild it for the future, filled with hope, unity and optimism.

  1. Dissolve all parties, lobbyists and their organizations, restore the actual government with no affiliated former groups of the old system, who will only work solely for the benefit of the people.
  2. No lawyers, military, banking, agency, oil, conglomerates or large corporations, Yale, Harvard or Stanford candidates, think tanks, families or venture capital people need apply. We need a fresh approach altogether as those groups all failed us in the past. Although we are willing to reintegrate them on an individual basis, when they have proven their trustworthiness to the people.
  3. Restore the original government with the new Constitution, a new American currency and other departments for their original purpose before being hijacked.
  4. Remove all policies of the past that worked against the people and the interests of the country. For example, the national security act, the patriot act, the non-compete act and many others.
  5. Restore all governmental services to the actual government; no private contractors or NGO’s.
  6. Remove all executive branches and their associates as they are a part of the former corporation, and develop new ones based for and by the people. Disconnect from all political think tanks, lobbyists and corporate interests. The decision making should be done by the people themselves, as this will encourage growth in all people.
  7. Elections will be held in transparency based on the ability of the person to do the job, not how much money spent or raised. End the wasteful donations programs that all politicians receive and the fake and empty promises that mean nothing. It will be treated like any other job, not some superstar or overprivileged title.
  8. Restore an American law based on Rta, natural or universal law. Complete a full review of all the laws, those that are deemed not beneficial for the people to be removed and replaced with something better if required.
  9. Standardize all laws and departments across all the states, whereby a driver’s license etc. is only acquired once, not renewed in each state as it is currently.
  10. Remove all aid, foundations and foreign funding programs and use the funds for the benefit of the American people only.
  11. Quickly implement food, water and shelter policy groups, designed to tackle the shortages the people are presently experiencing.
  12. Remove all funds and connections to acronym-based organizations that are not actually part of America, like NATO, the UN, the WHO, the WTO etc.
  13. Cancel all global trade deals and renegotiate them in a way that it is a straight deal for trade items only, that we do not yet produce in America. No political, strategic, stipulative or weapons-based additions to trade deals will be allowed. Implement a policy whereby America becomes self-sufficient in all categories of trade, where possible.
  14. Dissolve all transhuman agendas and research, and put effort into the American people.
  15. Issue executive orders to reassemble an actual American military, police, militia and national guard under America-only dictates, under the Emergency War Powers act. Issue orders to arrest all the top-end criminals in one sweep. The arrested will be installed into the full Disclaimer for full Disclosure Solution.

To achieve all of this, we may need to lockdown incoming and outgoing travel from America for a short period of time, until some of the solutions are completed sufficiently to allow the country to operate without too much of a disturbance to the people.

Who gains:

All departments, as they have a clear direction going forward, as they are no longer hamstrung by policy makers who were not elected by we the people. The government themselves, as they are streamlined and have clear definition of how to operate, act and deliver. The propensity to go to war will be drastically reduced, making people feel safer and better about themselves. Politicians would benefit greatly, as they are no longer expected to hold the burden of the country and 300M+ Americans, as it now becomes a shared responsibility. The country will be better off financially, with an end to the boom and bust policy, oligarch overreach and the fulfilling of only corporate and vested interest groups. America and its people can now become the standard bearer for other nations to follow. Self-sufficiency in terms of trade, reduces the deficits to zero and will bring a surplus, which will benefit the people and the country.

Who benefits:

The people benefit the most, as they now have a government they can trust and vote for. The people will have more time and resources from the government used towards them. The people will have more money in their pockets, aiding the economy. The people will feel that they really belong to not only the country but to the planet as well. This raises the levels of pride in undertaking this task, in terms of their involvement in government and country. It encourages participation by more of the people in a shared, personal and collective responsibility. Ending secrecy and underhanded practices brings everything in line with a transparent, fair and equal opportunity government. It will end the lie of America being the beacon of hope, spoken only in words but not in reality. With this solution and many more in this blueprint, America will truly become a beacon of hope for the rest of the world to follow. The world and its varying races will benefit, as we will be heading towards a far more adult-based species and away from the kindergarten stages we currently occupy. An advanced civilization who can reach out into the stars as a harmonic addition to the cosmos, and indeed in many cases as an example of how to be, act and engage.