New Blueprint for Humanity

Bloodline Families Solution

Why this is needed:

For too long now this world has been poorly run by so called “special families”, who have stifled growth, contributed heavily to wars, dictated which countries are rich and poor, thereby creating class division. These families and their monopolies in banking, minerals, food, farming and high tech have not only stunted growth, but have caused serious damage to we the people and the planet. They are responsible for withholding patents and technologies for their own domination of industry. Their relentless pursuit of profits and wealth accumulation has caused untold damage to the environment. At no point have they considered sharing, helping the people nor had any concern for the environment or countries. The Families were also used by the former Trustee; they followed him like sheep, and in real terms were lied to, used and abused by their overlord, more so than the people. All of these families owe the Trust millions of dollars, billions in some cases and the Rothschild’s clan an even higher amount. The Trust was used as a personal slush fund for these families, to gorge themselves on what is all of the people’s wealth and build their own empires at our expense. These same families almost cost all of us our lives. After supplying the Trustee with all of our wealth, he pulled the plug on them and us in 2007, once he had accumulated the ownership of everything. The entire planet, above and below, minerals, buildings and people, yes people, were accumulated as assets, all of which were handed over to the Trustee. In return, the Families received pieces of paper with numbers on them (fiat currency), lots of them and leveraged it against the Trust. These pieces of paper have no intrinsic value and these Families gave away all of the real assets to the Trust. They, in essence, sold humanity out. Their wealth was built on ill-gotten gains based on favorable deals and contracts, deceiving the people and the countries.


  1. Sequester their ill-gotten gains and disperse accordingly to the Restoration Plan.
  2. The idea that 10 so-called bloodline or special families own 72% of American land alone, is not conducive to moving forward in a sharing-based world; repatriate it back to the people. No one person, group or country owns anything on this planet; currently it is all owned by the Trust. The Trustee is the guardian, not the owner of the Trust; it can be all shared out equally to everybody.
  3. Return all assets to the Trust for it to be dispersed equally, as per the restoration plan, initiated and approved by Queen L and the Universal Council in 2016. The idea that some group owns the oil, diamonds or gold or any other asset is the harvesting way. This failed us all including the chosen ones, special families and certain Dragon groups. All assets on this planet belong to every individual. Companies can be compensated for mining, e.g. diamonds but that is all. They should not own the mines, which belong to us all. Once people around the world understand this and deliver this solution, this world will become a much better place. No more wars fighting over land, countries, oil, diamonds, water or other resources, all of which shall be shared equally.
  4. Return all land, patents, mineral rights and tax havens back to the people.
  5. The families like Rothschild’s, Rand, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Proctor and Gamble and several others all talk humanitarian and fake climate change, but where were they when their families and others looted everything, with the support of the former Trustee? Task them to be involved in the planetary clean up, as it was they who caused most of the damage. The planet is messed up because of their over-harvesting be it in oil, fishing, tree cutting, weaponry, chemicals, war etc. All these families have made their fortunes from raping and in part destroying the planet. They created the damage along with the church, banks and royals. Repurpose all of their funds and make them take part in fixing the planet.
  6. Request for the youth and middle-aged of these Families to engage with us, to determine how we can go forward and fix the problems together. No arrests to be made as per our other solution of Full Disclaimer for Full Disclosure, except those involved in abusing children. Sequester their assets and leave them with a reasonable amount ($1-5M maximum) for a more basic living style. They may say this is not enough. It is, if you cut your cloth like everyone else had to, because of your greed.
  7. Certain families can or should be removed from society altogether given the damage they have done. Move them to a remote island near Antarctica or other suitable landmass, and let them live out their days there, not New Zealand as they are/were planning. They will be totally cut off from the rest of the world; no trading, lobbying, dealing or political interference. They are then isolated and can no longer harm society.
  8. Place those arrested into the Full Disclaimer for Full Disclosure Solution.

Who gains:

All businesses, trading and trade deals, a return to what is real value, not their falsely created market values. Entrepreneurs will be free to run and operate their businesses, ideas, patents and plans, without the overarching reach of vulture capitalists. The Families themselves know what they have done is wrong and some want to genuinely help, particularly within the younger ranks. The fear all of the Families have is the people finding out what they have done. The fear of them facing a baying public, the potential of vigilantes and other forms of abuse, from a more knowledgeable public is removed by this Solution. Environmental issues can be addressed and dealt with properly, when no longer part of some agenda. No more damaging industries that have over-drilled and abused the planet. This will then aid the restoration. Mineral sharing can be introduced to help the restoration plan.

Who benefits:

We the people in a myriad of ways no longer stifled by the select few, will be free to live their lives and prosper. Society is no longer dictated to by the desire, whims and needs of the few and can live a more harmonic and prosperous life and lifestyle. The families themselves, no longer fearing life looking over their shoulder, and the younger elements can come and help us and repay some of their karmic debt to the people.