New Blueprint for Humanity

The Guardians

What is the purpose of this document?

To define in a better, proper and lawful way under Rta or Universal Law, our definitions of man, our status and declaration of our claim and sovereignty. Throughout history we have had things determined for us, by people with the intent of controlling and enslaving us whilst harvesting our life force energies, with no fair return in exchange. This is essentially classing man as inferior to certain others, when under the guidance of Source, we are all born as equals. The claiming of people (and souls) as chattel, with our U.N Security cattle code. This is a denigration of man, who is denied the true knowledge and meaning of that transaction. Our wealth which is created at birth is placed into a fund with a CUSIP number and has been cruelly denied to us, by declaring us all dead without our knowledge or consent. This is why they ask us to capitalize our names, notice all headstones are written in the same way. The controllers created, then determined, the meaning of words to a level whereby the average man, woman or child is oblivious to it’s actual meaning. This is fraud and deception against humanity of the highest order and major corrections have to be made to rectify not only this situation, but the global collapse situation that is imminent. Our wealth can never be paid back. We are aware of the total collapse of the old banking systems and how all banks are bankrupt due to the secretive double banking system called the front and back systems. The wealth can be paid forward in a way that is fair and transparent, with the will of people to endeavor that all get as near equal share as possible. Our solution to fix that is in our New Blueprint for Humanity.

The definitions


  1. A person is a 16th century created word defining a fictional form of property, rights and title enclosing certain characteristics and appearances as the identity of one or more living men or women.
  2. A person is formed through the valid entry and registration record on a roll. The highest roll defines the greatest rights for a type of person.
  3. The word person comes from the Latin word persona, meaning mask, character or part of a play.
  4. The invention of person enabled the enclosure of the bodies of living flesh and the alienation of natural rights associated to them, and viewed as a type of property which could be sold, purchased, seized or surrendered.
  5. A person may possess greater or lesser authority, powers, rights than another and a natural man or woman may be associated to more than one person.
  6. A person may hold beneficial rights of use, but may not lawfully or legally be the holder of title. As an example, a mortgage deed states that clearly; it reveals you are not the homeowner, but you are a tenant.
  7. First person is the highest form of person when they possess the competent mind of a natural living man or woman.
  8. All-natural living men and women are true persons possessing natural rights associated with a divine trust, when the divine individual spirit conveys these rights on incarnation as a living flesh man or woman, with a mind, body and spirit.
  9. Failure to recognize a valid, properly constituted and formed person or the claim of superior jurisdiction by an inferior person cannot ecclesiastically, legally, lawfully or sensibly be sustained without force and coercion; therefore, any subsequent judgement is null and void from the beginning. As well, a natural person attributed to less than a living man or woman or higher order life form is automatically null and void. Attributing a natural or artificial person to an animal, notion or thing is an unnatural and unlawful act.
  10. A natural person can never be depreciated to a separate class attributing they possess the lesser form of an animal and any law, precept or decree that separates them into a lesser class of animals is automatically null and void from the beginning.

We the people declare our version of people to be the new and lasting version; All-natural living men and women are true persons possessing natural rights associated with a divine trust, when the divine individual spirit conveys these rights on incarnation as a living flesh man or woman, with a mind, body and spirit. All other meanings, definitions and characterizations placed upon us, as null and void.


  1. A subject is a 16th century word describing one who owes their allegiance to a higher office or body politic and accepts the jurisdiction (subject jurisdiction) of their laws.
  2. The word subject derives from the Latin word subjectio meaning: to submit; to surrender. The word enabled it to replace the concept of vassal and serf (slave) into one word.

We the people reject this definition of us being subjects and declare us all as equals.

Citizen and Denizen:

  1. The terms citizen and denizen are 18th century modified terms defining legal effect of the two possible types of status, title, rights, person and estate, when the name of a subject or stranger or alien is registered and enumerated:
    • a) A denizen (also listed in the United States since 1790 as a lower-case citizen) is a non-resident alien enfranchised by the sovereign power, retaining full possession of their name, therefore, their person and any associated title and derivatives thereof, enabling the enjoyment to rights of property ownership, commerce and to hold office or dignity. However, a denizen may not inherit lands by descent.
    • b) A citizen is a naturalized or natural born resident, surrendering ownership of their name; therefore, their person or any associated title and derivatives thereof, but granted certain rights and privileges such as right of property ownership, commerce and to hold certain offices of dignities as well as to inherit the use of lands by descent.
  2. The original creation of citizen referred to the 14th century members of the Livery Companies in London (known as guilds, such as the BAR Guild today), who were known collectively as the citizens of London.
  3. The word denizen was originally formed in the 16th century to permit strangers and aliens to acquire property, titles and official positions in England. The word comes from 2 Latin words: deni, meaning ten or ten times and zona, meaning belt, sash or girdle; hence, literally meaning: one who possesses ten times the skill (belt, sash, girdle) than a natural born citizen. This enabled the Venetian/Khazar exiles from Pisa and Venice and the noble families to become the most influential families in England.
  4. The first use of citizen in statute was in the 1787 Constitution of the United States, and was in lower case. The creation of upper-case Citizens was through a US Congress Act in 1790 providing for the enumeration of the inhabitants of the United States, which used marshals and militia as well as massive fines and threat of violence to enforce people to register for the census and identify themselves as upper-case Citizens.
  5. The US Congress Chapter XXXIV, an act making provisions for the payment of the debt of the United States in 1790, then introduced the notion of annuities hidden as bonds and contributors hidden as subscribers against names, lives and persons listed as upper-case Citizens. The annuities under the guise of bonds were a means of financing such things as war efforts, the accumulating debts of which continues to be passed onto the Citizens themselves.
  6. In the 18th century the meaning of citizen and denizen as well as the etymological roots were modified using the Basque language to change the meaning:
    • a) The word citizen was redefined from 2 words, cito (kito) meaning finished, over, terminated and izen, meaning name; hence, Citizen or CITIZEN mean one without ownership or possession of a name, without control of their own estate.
    • b) The word denizen was redefined from 2 words, dena meaning everything, all and izen meaning name; hence, Denizen means one who possesses everything and all associated with the name, without control of their own estate.
  7. From the early 20th century, a quasi-form of citizen was formed as the CITIZEN or corporate member, equivalent to an upper-case Citizen of a state or country, but for a corporation. This applies to the U.S. government citizenship, as the U.S. government is not a government at all, but a corporation operating as the said government, under the auspices of USA Incorporated.
  8. The legal meaning and application of citizen, Citizen, CITIZEN remains central to the claimed legitimacy of the global bonds, annuities, estates, birth certificates and cestui que vie structure, that underpins the hidden model of enslavement of people on behalf of certain private banks.

We the people do not accept our roles as denizen or citizen upper or lower case, which was perpetrated by fraud and deceit and declare it null and void. We declare and claim our equal rights, annuities, estates, bonds and birth certificates under the cestui que vie, and demand a proportional share, equal to that of all others.


  1. The word resident is a legal form describing a particular status of a person as bound to certain fiduciary obligations, attached to an office or a dwelling by virtue of occupation, intention and demonstration of use of such property.
  2. The word originates from the 16th century from 2 Latin words res meaning property, thing, object, form, matter and sedere, meaning seat (of office). The word referred to the formalization of benefices, or official estates associated with certain offices of parsons; whereby, those appointed to such positions were duty-bound to be present to attend to their duties.
  3. Resiant, a similar word to resident, was also created in the 17th century as a return to feudal law that bound serfs (slaves) to the lands of their lords, by describing the obligations and benefit of being a tenant at will. The concept that once the tenant accepted the benefit of the tenancy, occupied and used the land, the tenant was obligated to remain on their lot and could not travel without permission from their lord. In other words they were imprisoned at the behest of the lord.
  4. In the 18th century with the replacement of tenancy at will with copyhold tenancies, the term resiant was replaced with resident to describe the obligation of tenants to remain on the land of their landlord, subject to the jurisdiction of the law and not travel unless in possession of a certificate or warrant; this is the origin of the birth certificate.
  5. At the same time landlords and senior officials were granted the description of non-residents, meaning they were not bound to their benefice and could travel freely within certain bounds without need of certificates or permission.

We the people do not accept these roles as residents, which was perpetrated by fraud and deceit and declare it null and void.


  1. Public is a 16th century created legal term describing a new form of ownership, rights and conditions of agreement, whereby true owners are hidden or presumed to be not known, while the community of slaves determines its own affairs as the people or shares power (through parliament) with a ruling class as part of a state.
  2. The word public is derived from conjoining of the Latin word pube(s), meaning age of majority, young adult or adult population and liceo, meaning to be for sale, to have a price/value; hence the literal meaning of public is: an adult population for sale. An adult population possessing value as property for community commerce. A self-governing community of hidden commercial slaves.
  3. Since the 18th century, the Roman church claim of absolute ownership of all men and women, open slavery was abolished and replaced with the continued and hidden voluntary slavery.

We the people are not public servants or slaves, which was perpetrated by fraud and deceit and declare it null and void.


  1. Private is a 16th century created legal term describing a special and secretive form of ownership, rights or conditions of agreement or action whereby one or more persons are legally permitted to deprive rights of others.
  2. The word private is derived from combining the Latin words privo, meaning to deprive, rob, steal, take away, and -atus, a Latin suffix equivalent to -ed in English; hence the literal meaning of private is: legal deprivation, robbing, stealing or seizure.
  3. The most common form of the secretive form of private right is called a Letter of Marque. One who holds or possesses a Letter of Marque is normally termed a privateer and one who acts in such a manner without a proper Letter of Marque is called a pirate. The pirates of the seas came onto the land and claimed Maritime Law, in essence.

We the people are not privates, nor do we accept the role of privateers. Pirates are criminals and so under law many criminals have no rights in relation to others, and so it is null and void.


A state is a 16th century political term meaning the formal recognition of a country or a territory as, a legitimate independent sovereign entity by virtue of an act of recognition by statute from a body politic or another country.

  1. The word state is derived from the Latin word statuo, connected to the word statute. Hence, a state literally means a body formed through statute.
  2. A state remains the highest formal recognition of sovereignty.
  3. A nation cannot formally be recognized as a state. A state subsequently recognized as a nation by definition surrenders its sovereign status as a state in the process.

We the people reject the use of states declared under false premises, and hence, is null and void. We the people wish for the country known as America (not US or U.S.) to be declared as a sovereign nation, with all inhabitants thereof, to be of equal rights.


  1. A republic is a 16th century legal term describing an aristocratic form of government which derives all of its power directly or indirectly from the consent of an elite body of members known as the people, in which executive power is lodged in certain offices to which qualified members are then chosen by the general population for a limited period.
  2. The word republic is derived from the 16th century conjoining of the Latin words res, meaning interest, from affairs, business, matter, wealth; pube(s) meaning age of majority, young adult or adult population and liceo, meaning to be for sale, to have a price/value; hence, the literal meaning of republic is community wealth, commonwealth. The concept of commonwealth and republic are one and the same. Which means America is under the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth and a subsidiary of The Crown agents of London, UK.


We the people, not citizens of any form of government, are sovereign people with a free will choice that are not connected or corded to any organization, political or otherwise.


There are 3 versions of hu-man; The hu in human has three meanings: higher universal, the Sumerian Anunnaki term hu means serpent, in Sanskrit it means dragon. We are defining and declaring our new version as hu, meaning higher universal man, not serpent or dragon man. Our freedom to choose what version to be is a universal right, not an Earth-based privilege.

We the people reject all legal terms and their definitions. Legalese means the language of babble or baby talk, and hence, it makes no sense. This means those that operate in it are not of sound mind, they are to be declared incompetent and unable to operate or administer it under natural or Rta law. As sovereign beings and guardians we claim and take full responsibility for the restoration plan, on behalf of the collective and on behalf of the planet herself until a global referendum can be initiated.

The definitions and the defining of all of the above back to its original intentions and meaning, is our declaration of sovereignty and our claim of equal rights to other people, equal rights in terms of wealth distribution and equal rights in our claim of a fair share of all minerals of the Earth given to us by the Creator.

Claim of Title

Before any higher order society, religion or civilization existed within the star system called the solar system, or any other star system; before the first thoughts, symbols or words were ever conceived, drawn or spoken by the ancestors of human beings alive today; and, before even life or matter existed, the idea of existence did exist in the form of that ideal called god (Source), the universal, the absolute, the divine unique collective awareness. It is to this unifying and singular force that the ancestors of human beings alive today directed their invocations. It is this one, true and absolute divine creator of all existence who bestowed in trust, to all living men and women, certain irrevocable rights and obligations in perpetual remembrance as trustees and guardians, for all life on planet Earth. Every unique unit of spirit that separates from the divine unique collective awareness, to experience itself as an individual is equal in abilities and full rights of ownership of itself, have been conveyed to it in trust by the divine unique collective awareness. When a unique spirit decides to incarnate on any planet, it conveys full rights of ownership and use of the mind and the physical body in trust. The divine unique collective awareness is the divine creator of all things in the universe. As the creator of planet Earth, the divine creator can be the only owner of the planet; thus, when a unique spirit incarnates on planet Earth, the divine creator, as grantor, conveys full rights of ownership and use of all resources on the planet to each individual spirit, mind and body; thus, each individual spirit is general executor, sovereign of its mind and body and the planet. Each individual mind is the trustee, with full title of ownership of the body. The body is the beneficiary, enjoying the right of use of all resources equally with every other unique individual living on planet Earth. As trustees and beneficiaries, all individual living men and women share these rights and obligations equally.

Each individual living man and woman has the absolute right of free will and choice. As individuals do not live alone, no individual being with a conscious mind and self-awareness has the right to usurp this absolute right of another individual being. As guardians of planet Earth, each individual living man and woman has equal claim of right of use of all resources on planet Earth; therefore, each individual has the obligation to ensure they use only what resources are needed to live a fulfilling and productive life, in order to sustain life, exercise their creativity and develop their natural abilities to the fullest extent. By incarnating on planet Earth, each individual living man and woman has given their express consent, to be self-responsible and has consented to their obligations to ensure planet Earth is cared for, so that all resources on the planet are shared equally, sustained and available for future generations. Rights of use of the necessities of life (water, food, shelter, energy and clothing) are to be shared equally. No individual living man or woman may enclose these absolute rights to control and profit from them unequally.

Any conscious, self-aware being that denies these absolute truths and works to usurp the free will and choice of others through the creation of models and systems designed to enslave, whether by voluntary or involuntary means that presume implied consent, denies the existence of the divine unique collective awareness and demonstrate complete incompetence of mind. In doing so, these entities lose all rights and entitlements, and any claimed authority or titles are null and void from the beginning. In this instance, all individual, self-responsible and self-aware beings with competent minds, have the obligation and right to claim their absolute rights and restore the true rule of law on planet Earth. It will take time to develop and implement such systems; hence, an undefined transition period; whereby, the old system remains functional, will be required to minimize suffering as the new systems are phased in. Any use of existing systems is out of necessity and does not imply consent to any statutes, rules, regulations, ordinances or presumptions made by the existing authorities. Full disclosure has never been given. Consent requires full disclosure in order for a conscious being to exercise their free will and choice based on the truth; therefore, consent cannot be implied nor presumed to have been given when using the existing systems out of necessity due to the lack of disclosure and the occult nature of the model and systems.


What does it mean to be sovereign, and how do we claim sovereignty? To answer this question, we must define what the original meaning of the word sovereign is, and how ideas in motion (models and systems) influence our ability to be sovereign. Sovereign is an 8th century CE word first defined in Sacre Loi (sacred law of the Carolingians) to describe one anointed by god as having supreme, independent authority to rule a political region known as a realm. The word is derived from the combination of two ancient Latin words, sover meaning saviour, and regno meaning to rule, to be supreme lord. Hence, a sovereign literally means, by its original etymology, to rule and reign as a saviour. Meaning we are our own savior.

By this definition, any man or woman claiming or appointed to such high office is obligated to the three ancient and primary tasks, being: to protect the realm, protect the law and protect the people:

  • i) To protect and defend a realm is the first obligation of a sovereign as a legally defined entity, defined territory, possessing its own personality and rights.
  • ii) To protect and defend the law of a realm is the second obligation of a sovereign to ensure rule of law, justice and equality prevail.
  • iii) To protect, defend and teach the people of a realm is the third sacred obligation.

To claim oneself sovereign and claim sovereignty of the land we occupy is a tremendous responsibility. It is not something done merely through filing papers or notices through the courts. We first have to be sovereign of spirit, mind and body. Being sovereign takes knowing you are significant, you are powerful, you have an eternal divine mind/spirit that can never die. That of your own free volition (free will), you accept the obligations that come from accepting the absolute sovereignty of your spirit, mind & body, when claiming the natural rights and rights of use of this planet that were conveyed at birth. Sovereigns are entrusted as guardians to only take what is needed and to look after the planet as well as our family and community, for current and future generations. It takes living a life of virtue, moral courage, integrity, competence, joy and compassion and a will to serve others for the benefit of all. As we claim our sovereignty, it is helpful to define the models and systems that influence our daily lives and impact our ability to be sovereign. Life is a dream and the dreams have rules, dreams become ideas, ideas become things, models and systems. The world is full of models and systems that originate with dreams and ideas. A model can be described as an idea in motion. Society operates on manufactured ideas in motion (models and systems). Legal, health, financial and transport systems etc. abound and are the collection of ideas originating from many people that change and adapt over time. This is a natural process.

There have been many corrupt or tyrannical rulers, that use these systems to control people and amass wealth and power. There have also been many revolutions and changes in political regimes and rulers when this power is abused. Despite this, despite the many revolutions in the past, we find ourselves even more enslaved today, by regimes in the so-called free world becoming more tyrannical with power, and resources ever more centralized into fewer and fewer hands. Even when political structures change, the underlying ideas have not changed in over 1,000 years. It doesn’t matter how much change occurs at the political level; until individuals change from the inside and develop better ideas, nothing will change. As an example, during the financial collapse in 2008, Henry Paulson said to the politicians “you may not like the banks, however, keeping the banks alive is the only choice you have, there is no alternative”. This was and is the truth. To be sovereign, we have to change ourselves from within first; for when we change our mind, the whole world changes. We only get as much freedom as we take. We can only be sovereign by being, thinking and acting different. We must be sovereign and we must then develop models and systems that enable us to self-sustain, to feed ourselves, maintain our health and create communities of trust that do not need the models and systems that enslave us. Why? Because we abdicate sovereignty through implied consent when we use the benefits of systems and models provided, as we must also accept the obligations and jurisdiction of these systems when we agree to use them. We use these systems out of necessity, but they are maintained by force and fraud. There is no consent when force and fraud are used. As we work towards being communities of sovereign individuals, we may need to use the current systems out of necessity, meaning we have not given our consent, implied or expressed, as we have been tricked into thinking there are no alternatives.

Sovereignty in the 21st century

There is a long provenance of law, property rights, claims of title, ownership and possession that is required study to truly grasp how our sovereignty and rights have been enclosed, reducing us to voluntary servitude, known as common law. The brief synopsis in the following paragraphs has a foundation going back many centuries.

In the 21st century, despite all the apparent laws against slavery, land is still defined as any ground, soil or earth whatsoever, including everything attached to it, whether attached by the course of nature or by the hand of man; thus, this definition considers men and women as legally part of the land as creatures, just as a cow or sheep is. This then makes them property of the corporations because by the course of nature they were born upon the land. Land, therefore defines not simply the soil, but all men and women claimed by private corporations registered in Delaware in the United States, as part of the global network that usurped constitutions and laws of most western nations using private international law. Despite these outrageous claims, they are still only claims and are only as valid as their provenance. By definition, the spirit/mind of all men and women is absolute sovereign over their body through a true trust, conveying divine rights of use by divine trust when a spirit chooses to incarnate on the planet; therefore, no person, entity, spirit or force may abrogate, nor interpose themselves into or above such a sacred and inviolable agreement.

All claims of the “EL-ite” (elite) are founded on their claim that “god” conveyed to the Pope, the Office of Trustee as the agent of god to administer all property on planet Earth. This claim rests on the false apostolic succession claiming bloodline descent from Jesus Christ, and is fraud “ab initio” meaning from the beginning. These claims also rest on the false “Talmud” claiming the Israelites are the “chosen people” and all others are equivalent to animals with no soul or spirit; hence, no mind or will of their own, which is another false and fraudulent claim from the beginning. Any claim that is fraudulent is null and void, meaning any laws, statutes, decrees, orders, agreements, governments, crowns, basing their authority, their divine right to rule from a fraudulent claim, are also null and void. They had no valid authority from the beginning and cannot prove that their claim of highest right of use of property (real property) was conveyed to them through a divine and true trust. In order to defeat their claim, we have to make a higher claim. From around 10,000 BCE it has been an accepted fact that a man and woman have divine rights of ownership, conveyed directly from the divine creator at birth through a divine trust. This is because each spirit/soul is a single unit of the divine creator. Nothing can come between this, and every man and woman are the chosen people with absolute sovereignty of spirit/mind and body at birth, all entitled to the promised land, in order to build a home and use the resources of this planet. Under divine law, a spirit/soul cannot own another spirit/soul; hence, the need to create many legal fictions that can be owned by other fictions. These legal fictions enabled the el-ites to claim plausible deniability and the ethical high ground in their minds. Fictional entities have no spirit, mind or body and can be owned and their will can be managed for their benefit. As long as no one rebuts their claim and consent can be implied, it can be claimed as a free will choice.

By making the choice to use their systems and accept their authority, individuals demonstrate they are incompetent, have no mind and activate powers of attorney, thus giving the appearance of voluntarily abdicating their sovereignty. Sovereignty can be claimed along with our natural rights and the obligations that go along with these rights. We can become fully competent in law, can argue with logic and rhetoric, demonstrating we are of sound mind, so as not to be intimidated when challenged. We can respect the true rule of law and contribute to our community in positive ways. We can have better ideas and create better models and systems that benefit humanity, as this blueprint has laid out as an example. Ultimately being sovereign is about how we behave in Truth, Honor and Integrity, with evidence on public record that can be used to challenge any contrary claims, as we can demonstrate a track record of living as a sovereign. To be sovereign we must think and act different and we must remember who we are. We are significant, we are powerful and we are eternal.

We the people operating under the banner of Truth, Honor and Integrity hereby claim our full sovereignty and the rights of claims that come with it, aligned with the full responsibility that we will take for it. Our plan The New blueprint for Humanity is in essence our manifesto for all guardians of the now and the future. We hereby declare our divine right to rule for the benefit of ourselves, on behalf of the collective and on behalf of the planet herself until a global referendum can be initiated.
As of this date … … … March 25th 2023.
Failure to recognize, interfere, block or abrogate our divine rights goes directly against Universal Law or Rta, and consequence of actions for doing so, will be administered by your own actions.


The New Blueprint for Humanity Official English First Edition 2023, Truth, Honor & Integrity group. All Rights reserved in Trust.
No part of this Blueprint may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the express and authentic written permission of the Publisher.
The Publisher disclaims any liability and shall be indemnified and held harmless from any demands, loss, liability, claims or expenses made by any party due to public relations issues, arising out of, or in connection with, any differences between any previous official or non-official drafts of this Edition.
A party that threatens, makes or enacts any demand or action against this publication or the Publisher hereby acknowledge they have read this disclaimer and agree with this binding legal agreement and irrevocably consent to Truth, Honor & Integrity group and its competent forums, as being original and primary jurisdiction for resolving any such issue of fact and law.
The Guardians and trustees of Truth, Honor & Integrity group are protected under highest law of the creator and the Rta laws of operating under and within the Golden rule of law.


This is in no way designated as a coup or any other hostile takeover plan. Our fullest attention is to work with as many as possible, be it Governments, think tanks, agencies or militaries to improve all aspects of life and the various mechanism globally. This needs to be handled in an adult based way to ensure a smooth transition.

Who are we?

Just a group of ordinary people from various backgrounds and walks of life, who have come together with a vision to not only change and improve ourselves, but to then go on and change the world for the better. No airs and graces here, just ordinary people with an extraordinary vision of the future.

Who or what is a Guardian?

Unlike what has gone previously, Guardians will not be based on hierarchy, wealth, status or any other comparative based mechanism. None of that worked for the all, this is for the benefit of the all.

What is not a Guardian?

Unbalanced egos, my idea is better than yours, inflexibility, uncooperative, service to self, uncaring, non-sharing, greed or wanting fame or wealth.

What skills are required to be a Guardian?

Whatever skills you bring with you, plus we will be looking for everyone to be able to expand their skill sets by learning. We are all capable of so much more, when we get out of the comparative and competitive mindset and get out of our own way. No limitation programs required, manifest and expansion of the self for the benefit of the all is required going forward. We are looking for a service to others people not service to the self, that never worked in the past either and so will not be repeated going forward. Everyone has ideas, visions, ideals and goals, let’s combine them into what is best for us all.

What is the purpose of a Guardian?

– To raise the self and all others around you, to be the best version of you.
– To work diligently for the greater good.
– To raise all of humanity to being a caring, sharing and loving species.
– To raise us all up, not keep each other in the gutter, a hand up not a fist or boot down approach.
– To make this planet and it’s various races into something we can all be proud of.

Who can be a Guardian?

Anyone who operates in the best intentions for all of humanity and the planet.
Join us at

We as the Guardians are requesting all visa restrictions to be suspended globally to allow those Guardians to travel and live where their work takes them.
We as the Guardians at the initial outset, request a fully vetted security team to protect those administering this blueprint until it is safe on a wider scale.
We as the Guardians request a fully vetted lawful and legal team to protect the group, and also deal with any encumbrances that may develop during the course of our work.
We as the Guardians request a fully vetted economics team to work on costing of all the projects. To be done in a frugal way, to deliver the best ways and projects with the most economical use of our funds.
We as the Guardians are requesting a safe and secure compound to be built to house as many Guardians as possible, to enable them to carry out their work in a safe and secure environment. Free of interference, targeting or other malevolent actions.

To accommodate these plans, initially the few Guardians will all be in paid positions to carry out their work. The salaries will be based on what we need, not excessive greed based salaries of the past. This is a work of love, caring and sharing not personal riches. We as the Guardians are requesting an initial $100B to kick start and implement the Restoration plan designated to HUmans, and request full support of the current Trustee providing she is declared as competent within that role.

We are willing to work fully with all those who wish to implement this plan, and we are fully committed to engaging and encouraging people to expand and improve this plan. We have laid out the basic tenets of it, and wish to add improvements to all the solutions where possible. The key is cooperative discourse, flexibility and imagination, and the only thing we will not compromise upon is, anything that is detrimental overall to we the people.

Having ascertained and defined we are human, as in the Higher Universal man. Having ascertained we are not a legal fiction, nor are we declared dead or incompetent, we are a natural living beings endowed with full cognition of mind, body and spirit. We the people, defined hereonin as the Guardians, wish to make our claim as defined above, with exclusive rights as beneficiaries to the Trust.

As the Guardians and operating with and according to the 2016 Earth Restoration plan agreed with the Universal Council, we are prepared to take on the full responsibility of that plan. It will require a monumental transition period and we are asking many of you to support us in this endeavor to enable as smooth a transition as possible. We come in peace not of it, and wish to engage you all with the desire to improve life and this planet for the betterment of the all.

We the Guardians are claiming the rights and protection therein, of the six seats designated to the Trust on the U.N Council. Disband the current U.N. New York City based entity operating under fraud and fraudulent claims, and create a new version of a global sovereign-based entity, operating for and by the people with the Guardians only. We come in peace not of it, and wish to engage you all with the desire to improve life and this planet for the betterment of the all.

We the Guardians are claiming the rights to access and protection therein, of a seat or seats on the Family of Nations council, that is currently housed within the fake state and municipality of Washington D.C. It is fronted by H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister Ernest Rauthschild. We the Guardians are aware that the real meaning of Nations means races, and as we are the designated race for this planet, we have the rights to have our say within those Council of races. The Family of Nations operates on behalf of the real Royals on this planet, none of which are known to the general public. There are two Royal systems just like the banks and the stock markets, one a front system and one a back or hidden system. The hidden system I am partially aware of having engaged one of them in my time with the Trustee. The Family of Nations are trying to implement a takeover of the Trust as they feel like all others that they are the keepers of it. We are here to declare all former keepers of the Trust have failed in their obligations to administer the Trust in a fair and balanced way. Your 70 year agreements are null and void as they were operated upon without full disclosure to the world, and so that becomes a fraud and hence null and void. The last major agreement for this 70 year keepers plan was done in 1944 under the Bretton Woods agreement. It ran out in 2014, was given an extension by the former Trustee and with the apparent complicity of the current Trustee, that is declared null and void as well. We come in peace not of it, and wish to engage you all with the desire to improve life and this planet for the betterment of the all.

We as the Guardians are claiming a minimum of 3 seats for all other meeting gatherings that decides the outcome of the people and the planet. As representatives we are entitled to have our say on all matters pertaining to this planet. Some of the meetings that will require our attendance is; The Bilderberg meeting, The Atlantic Council, the Trans Atlantic and Pacific Trade meetings, NATO, the BRICS meetings and all others meetings of that ilk. All expenses arising from our representative for these meetings, including accommodation, travel, meals and security measures required to come from the Trust. We come in peace not of it, and wish to engage you all with the desire to improve life and this planet for the betterment of the all.

We as the Guardians are claiming the right to our own private bank, banking rail and/or delivery system, that cannot be tampered with, it will require no backdoors and requires no special permissions. This rail will not be part of the back door banking system and will reside only within the front (public) system. To administer this, we are requesting one or more Guardians or appointees to be selected collectively by Kimberley Ann Goguen (Trustee) and the Truth, Honor & Integrity group, to be housed within the Federal Reserve, the Treasury and the White House to ensure the safety and security of the funds delivered from the Trust itself. This will continue on after the deletion of the fraudulent Federal Reserve to be replaced with an American-only central bank that does not include any people from the former Federal Reserve bank, which operates under The Crown (UK).

We as the Guardians seek a replacement of the current US or U.S. Treasury and the restoration of the original Treasury that was usurped after the Federal Reserve takeover in 1933. No current high office position from the current Treasury or leading bankers from the Federal Reserve accredited banks will be operating from within the new American Treasury. With representatives from the Trust to be placed as the main overseer of all operations of the Treasury.

We as the Guardians request a separate communication and computer systems, that is not connected to the former systems, all of which are corrupted. To be built privately with no backdoors, spyware programs, tracking or surveillance programs, AI-based or otherwise datamining collections, algorithm software, advertisement software or any other malignant hardware or software programs. No Microsoft, Palo Alto, Google, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook/Meta or Five Eyes components allowed.

We as the Guardians also seek a share of all mineral rights; be it oil, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and all other inground metals and minerals. This is to be arranged on a percentage basis that would start off as a low percentage, but increase over time as the number of Guardians increases and can then shared equally via the Restoration plan. All revenues collected will go towards projects designed to enhance life, the people, the environment and the planet.

I am asking all who listen to this to open a space in your heart and embrace us and this plan. Under our declaration we abrogate all other false claims and rights are null and void from this date forward: March 25th 2023.

This is our message and declaration delivered by Thomas Williams as a representative of the Guardians, and agreed upon with the other designated Guardian members.