Truth, honor & integrity

New Blueprint

for Humanity


the new blueprint for humanity

a comprehensive overview of the issues facing this country and the world.

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All donations go to The People’s Club. TPC is a registered 501(C3) Charity in the United States. TPC is in no way affiliated with the New Blueprint for Humanity. Any donations to the TPC are voluntary. All funds donated support the TPC charitable mission and objectives.

We are the Truth, Honor & Integrity show, a group designed with the sole purpose of improving life and humanity. We operate under the premise of the benefit for the all. We recognize our world is in a total mess and it cannot be fixed in its current format and so we endeavored to come up with solutions that will aid us all. Essentially a new blueprint for how humanity should be and operate.

We cannot continue in the current mode of corruption, fraud, deceit and malevolent ways, that is attuned for the few to benefit at the expense of the all. We, the people have hardly helped that situation, as we have dissolved our personal and collective responsibility over to people and a system designed to work against us. We can no longer sit back and do nothing and expect the world to be fixed for us, that has never happened and never will. We have to have not only an input, but our say in how the world should be run.

This will be the first time the people have come to the fake authorities and demanded a say in how the world should be operated. All peoples are welcome to join us in this endeavor, so we can have a brighter future for us all. We do not expect for you to agree with all in this document, but welcome where improvements to it can be made. The whole idea is, we all come together to make this world in our image and likeness, not in their image and likeness as that failed us all. We have communal gatherings for topics that interest you, in relation to this blueprint and invite all to participate.

The key is not to complain, have egos and be competitive, but to find common ground and work towards delivering this in a cooperative way. Our members have put great thought, time and effort into this for the benefit of the all, let’s not critique it, let’s come together to improve it further. We will require input from the many, including governments and officials, military and agencies etc. to formulate and expand upon the plans laid out. We are flexible with the approach to this and understand this can only be accomplished over a period of time in a phase in and phase out motion.

The full target completion of this blueprint is 40 years or two generations, due to having to teach two generations to operate in a better way. Many improvements can be made within the first year and much can be accomplished within a 3-5 year timespan. Why must this be done? Because the world we knew has fallen apart and it cannot be fixed on any level. New ways that benefit the all is a must for us to be considered an advanced civilization. Time for us all to put on our adult pants, stop acting like children and blaming everyone else. Come together in a lasting and real way and let us all build something to be proud of.


We the people are the Event, we always were

Join us and let's make this world an infinitely better one than what has gone on previously.

Banking and Financial Systems Solution
Food & Soil Sustainability Solution
Tax Solution
I now integrate all progress to this point as my new baseline in my soul development journey
“I choose to treat all beings and existence with dignity and respect, regardless of individual choices and behaviours”
Oil & Transport Solution
Military & Defense Industry Solution
Water Solution