The New Blueprint for Humanity

Law Solution

Why this is needed:

We live in a time where there is no Law, there is the appearance or the color of Law. We have laws that are secret, unclear mandates and rules that cannot be applied. We have a private BAR Guild system that has monetized crime, contractors as agents acting as judges under public oath whilst under a higher secret oath, creating an unequal system where “elites” are above the law and people are considered chattel, property and things. There can be no justice in this system, there can be no honor or Rule of Law in this system; hence, there is no Rule of Law.


  1. End all legalese, which is the language of babble.
  2. End all Law associations like the BAR system, which is a private Crown-based club of, “rules for one and not for others” system.
  3. Retraining all legal professionals under the natural Ucadia system.
  4. Have all courts, judges and operatives adopt and adapt to the new system, that does not function as a private maritime collection service on behalf of the few.

How to restore the True Rule of Law:

In the Vedas, the law behind existence is Rta, and it is said to tamper with it will prove deadly. The whole of creation is called sat, which has an inbuilt Cosmic/Divine law, Rta. If sat (existence) is a fact, then the value which we realize out of it is Rta (Cosmic/Divine Law). When we realize Rta, the value of the whole of creation, we are humbled and naturally become more caring towards the universe. The entire universe supports our sustenance and the whole of creation toils for our existence. This awareness infuses immense gratitude in our hearts. The word Rta has no equivalent in English but can loosely be translated as the cosmic order in the Universe, Divine Law governing the Universe. The word Rta is derived from the root word ṛ which means dynamism, vibrancy, seasoning and belongingness. Rta governs the moral aspect of man. The line between good or evil runs through every human heart; we have to choose which side of that line we stand. We can choose Rta, Cosmic/Divine Law or not, this is the choice in every moment and every decision we make that creates the society we live in. We get what we choose, and by choice, consent to, and the Universe echoes back what we transmit. Rta manifests as The True Rule of Law under The Golden Rule; that all are equal under the law, no one can be above the law.

We can restore Rta and The True Rule of Law if we restore the Four Pillars to The Golden Rule of Law: Equality, Measure, Standard and Voice:
• Equality: All law is equal and no one is above the law.
• Measure: All law is measured so that all may learn and know it.
• Standard: All law is standard so that it may always be applied the same.
• Voice: All law is spoken as it is the spirit of the word that carries authority, as all action under law is by word of mouth, and writing be for memory and never law in effect.

To restore the True Rule of Law we must also restore Sacred Trust through restoring the idea of true oaths, vows and promises that my word is my bond, and that what people say is what they mean and the notion of restoring Sacred Office. If people have no trust between one another, and if people do not have confidence with one another, then the True Rule of Law will continue to decline and remain open to control and manipulation. A new model is needed to replace the existing model if we are to choose Rta and restore the True Rule of Law. This model can be found in Ucadia, a complete model created by Frank O’Collins. Ucadia contains 22 Canons of Law, which when studied and adopted, provide a path to competence and the restoration of Law. Ucadia also contains charters, a new monetary system and concepts that provide the structure to form communities based on trust and justice system founded on clean hands, good faith and impartiality so it is always applied without prejudice, bias or hidden interests. In order to adopt Ucadia as a solution, the Canons will need to be taught to individuals willing to become competent, for it is only when individuals are willing to take self-responsibility to choose to live a life according to Rta (Cosmic/Divine Law), learn and live honorably, can Rta and True Rule of Law be restored in our society.

Who gains:

Everyone gains from the restoration of the True Rule of Law, due process and justice where all are treated equally under the Law.

Who benefits:

Everyone benefits from living in societies founded on the True Rule of Law.