New Blueprint for Humanity

Military and Defense Industry Solution

Why this is needed:

What we’re really talking about here is everything under the aegis of the DOD (Department of Defense), who operate a web of waste and corruption that extends to corporations, intelligence agencies and illicit practices worldwide. The Pentagon is a disaster and they answer to masters that have no interest in the common people of this world or even the elites who serve them. CENTCOM (Central Command), AFRICOM (Africa Command), SOCOM (Special Operations Command) as well as at least eight other commands that seem to do their own thing with no oversight and/or a veil of secrecy. The Navy works with the SSP (Secret Space Program), which is a breakaway group not interested in helping our world. NASA has many interests that don’t suit us and they have deceived us repeatedly; it goes on and on. Every aspect of the DOD, the MIC and by extension the military, is corrupted and no longer working, all whilst being funded using our tax dollars. It’s time for that money to be returned to us, to be used for and by the people.


  1. Use the DOD and its resources to fix what they have broken and to work for and with humanity, instead of against it. Care will be exercised with how the financial aspects and allocations of this situation are handled. Regarding the Pentagon, one suggestion is to scrap their whole budget in its current form and start again. Repatriate black budget funds and MIC (military industrial complex) contracts to the extent practicable, then close those pipelines permanently. We can take away the money until they can propose projects that will benefit humanity and clean up the messes they have left.
  2. Remove the Neohawks, the Zionist lobbyists, warmongers and the MIC harvesting agents, like Boeing, Rand, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Bechtel, Haliburton, DARPA, etc. and the many other cogs in the anti-human war machine.
  3. Cancel all contracts and remove the 1976 noncompete Act entirely.
  4. Use the DOD budget to commandeer all ships, planes and other transport and redirect their efforts towards providing transport for food, water, clothing, housing and energy to the vast number of people around the world who lack those things.
  5. Rebuild the towns, cities and infrastructures smashed into oblivion by bombs dropped from high or from afar.
  6. Transmute the military and associated defense contractors into a force that works for the benefit of humanity, operating in peace, not war. This will accelerate the healing of the planet and the people. It will also aid the rehabilitation program, which will be extensive, in allowing individuals to work off any accrued karma.
  7. Recycle the endless array of weapons-based hardware that sits rotting in vast desert fields in Arizona, California and New Mexico. We can put the scrap to good use elsewhere.
  8. We know that all nuclear weapons are non-operational and have been for a long time, it is time to end the fear. We will decommission and ultimately destroy all weapons of mass destruction. The threat of mutually assured destruction using nuclear weapons was based on one of many off-world programs, with the goal being the complete elimination of humanity. Yes, even the anti-human elites who were involved in the proliferation of those weapons as well as their use against us. We were all duped.
  9. Evaluate and assess all research centers and labs. If their work and purpose is beneficial to humanity then that portion will be retained, and we will destroy or transmute all that is not beneficial. For example, programs such as DARPA and biowarfare labs will be replaced with research involving human progression only.
  10. Eliminate the UN entirely and create a new global group based on peace, human rights and fairness for this planet. That group has been responsible for many atrocities. The global group that replaces it, will be made up of representatives who have agendas conducive to the uplifting of humanity, not controlling it.
  11. Create a combined global military force with no single country having domain or power over the other. All countries must participate and create a planetary force that defends this planet only from external or internal forces, not our own people. End all wars and settle all the issues with the ultimate goal of removing the borders, so that people and the fake created cultures are not defined by lines on a map. This was yet another program to divide and conquer us. This is our home. We will make it in our image, not theirs.
  12. Cancel all contracts and funding to the alleged terrorist groups, which were created by the CIA and other agencies using our tax dollars and other harvesting techniques. Dismantle all terrorist groups entirely and seek methods to employ them in more beneficial ways.
  13. Eliminate the stranglehold the military has on the Communications Act of 1934, which has control of all forms of communications be it landlines, mobiles, cable, television, wires, radio, internet, sonar; essentially anything utilizing frequency waves.
  14. Eliminate the duplicity of several agencies linked to and with the military under the guise of “National Security”, espionage and safety. We know that whole program is complete fakery. Eliminate the Five Eyes alliance. They were all working together against their own countries, spying on each other’s citizens to get around their own privacy laws. We will re-task or destroy all defense and surveillance-related satellites.
  15. All black sites, XXXX bases, underwater bases, underground bases and uncharted islands that are being used for classified or nefarious purposes, were paid for using money harvested from humanity, without our consent or knowledge. None of these places exist for the people’s benefit. They and all assets that are connected to them will be repatriated, transmuted or destroyed. This includes subjects of human experimentation like our soldiers. Publicize the location of all of these places, why they were built and by whom.
  16. Employ a large team of people-based private accountants, to go through all books and do a full audit, which reports back to the President, Congress and the public with full transparency.
  17. Close down or repurpose the thousands of NGO groups spawned out of the CIA, MIC and SSP.
  18. Slowly release information of all so-called new technology for later possible introduction to the people, which will be open only to entrepreneurs, not government or military contractors. Release all patents. Human ideas should be for the benefit of everyone on this planet. They are too often suppressed and find their way into the wrong hands (DARPA, military, venture capitalists, etc.) for use against us and to enrich themselves.
  19. Assemble a military task force in league with other countries and root out all drug runners, child harvesters, organ traffickers, adrenochrome traffickers, pedophile operators and cults.
  20. Make war an unprofitable business. Impose heavy penalties upon the military budgets for every soldier lost in the theater, every soldier maimed and every soldier suffering mental issues due to mind control, drug issues, vaccines, bio- warfare, experimentation, chemical trauma (i.e. burn pits), et al. Make the DOD budget responsible for health care as well as battle care.
  21. A staged withdrawal of all troops in all current war zones. We will also conduct a staged removal of all troops and bases from foreign soil permanently.
  22. The 4 branches of military can start a clean-up of the damaged areas created by troops in the people’s name. The land cleanup will be done by the Army, the sea cleanup by the Navy, the air cleanup by the Air Force. The Space Command group and NASA can clean up all rogue satellites and develop ways to clean up the upper atmosphere of all the space junk they have left.
  23. As for the soldiers themselves, the VA will be revamped with a program similar in concept to their current practices, but focused on improvement in all areas with better efficiency as well as giving veterans freedom to choose non-VA doctors. More VA doctors will be hired, which will eliminate wait times and improve doctor-patient quality of interaction. VA doctors will provide a more holistic and naturopathic approach to treatment. Healthcare, compensation, benefits, claims and all other programs administered by the VA at present will be reevaluated.
  24. Create a department within the Military for the sole purpose of soldier care, working alongside the various VA departments as equals.
  25. Place all rogue elements into the Full Disclaimer for Full Disclosure Solution.

Who gains and who benefits:

In this case, everybody gains and the benefits are endless. For example, the elimination of the no-bid contractors like Boeing, Northrup Grumman et al, will allow for a more entrepreneurial approach, and should eliminate price gouging and cartel practices. Non-compete companies have enriched themselves by receiving materials at 50% of cost, which the taxpayer funds, subsequently selling their war machines at great profit, none of which is returned to the people. Eliminating all agencies that are superfluous to our Government will generate incredible savings, that could be used to fix many of this country’s problems. This transmutes the war machine into beneficial projects like desalinization, new energy ideas, infrastructure, better housing, health and wellness, less taxes, etc. Overall quality of life will be better for everyone. People will sleep better at night knowing that our military is focused on our protection, not war. Changing or removing technology that has been used against the people, will provide beneficial results in many areas. Eliminating human trafficking, drug operations and other nefarious operations listed above will provide a benefit for all that is self-evident. The changes described above will raise the frequency of the collective consciousness because people will no longer live in fear, increasing happiness, creativity and improving quality of life. The above is what a real military looks like; whose true purpose is to protect and support the people and the planet.