New Blueprint for Humanity

Science and Technology Solution

Why this is needed:

Humans are tripartite, of body, mind and spirit. We live to advance our spirits by growing our minds and hearts. Everyone is different and achieves this objective using their own unique paths; our decisions are ours. Free will and choice is the greatest of all possible forces within the universe. The very existence of existence itself, depends upon free will and choices made with our rational minds and depth of feeling. Free will depends on the information available, free of coercion. However, most people abdicate their free will by following recommendations by authorities, “experts” in their field. Currently, science and technology are part of the control system rather than information sourced independently to assist us in making our choices. Etymologically, science means knowledge acquired by study and assurance of knowledge and certainty, whilst technology means a system or method of making or doing. Both are a convenience made readily available to make our choices easy. Science is presumably about finding the truth; however, it is biased by the observer’s prejudices, beliefs, the egos of experts and selective assignments of institutional grants to limit discovery and knowledge expansion, which in turn limits understanding of truth.

Scientists seek approval and decry dissent of their peers; thus, theories which are at best partial truths and at worst putative opinions persisting longer than necessary, because of inherent biases in the scientific community. Major leaps in knowledge can occur when an individual discovers a new approach toward things unseen and the community organically accepts it. This is rare because experts promote themselves as having complete knowledge of a topic with specific results, and are never subjected to full discovery or exposure. Technology is good when it is beneficial to humanity, as then it can increase productivity, efficiency and effectiveness; however, information technology can also be used to data-mine and spy on the population, which is then monetized by marketing organizations and the control system. Marketing is an economic form of electric induction, keeping buying habits (a form of energy harvesting) on a particular path. The control system can use this information to coerce and regulate mass compliance.


  1. Demand access through technology to additional information that we can use to improve our choices. Individuals must use their free will only with informed consent to make their choices. No external authority is the decision-maker amongst a populace of sovereign individuals who have the research and facts.
  2. Make information sources public utilities because they are open gathering places just like parks, which are known as the public commons. These technologies provide a non-discriminatory service to access all available information without censorship. Allow individuals to choose the efficacy of all information, not the controlled public utility.
  3. Create individual subscription services, grants, contributions, or some form of collective funding to provide cash inflow to information technologies, removing advertising revenues and funds from the control system.
  4. Remove data mining at targeting functions to create time savings in coding development and maintenance, which will protect user privacy.
  5. Remove “national security” labeling to make new discoveries or patents available to the entire world and/or close the patent office altogether. This will increase awareness of what is possible, and inspire others to continue developing new technologies that improve productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.
  6. Address funding sources, particularly for academic science through grants. Academic scientists are exposed to conflicts of interest compounded by their egos, and must be paid by their institutions or create their own consultancy.
  7. Broaden peer review to dissenters to distribute alternative opinions and observations, which enriches the information available to all.

Who gains:

The true power of the people – to make their choices based on access to a wider range of information. This will free them from the bonds of the technology companies and the scientific community who, by default, coerce many into decisions pre-prepared for them by the control system. The scientific community improves as other opinions are fairly reviewed and disseminated, even if not published in journals. The expression of someone’s opinion is another’s observation, which leads to a better understanding of the issue or topic confronting researchers. Technology business improves as it meets the productivity, efficiency and effectiveness needs of its customers.

Who benefits:

Individuals, families, and communities’ benefit from, the self-determined and inspired access to information and improvement in their ability to make choices. This allows them to take responsibility for their lives within the collective and reach their spiritual goals and higher consciousness.