New Blueprint for Humanity

Churches, Charities and Foundations Solution

All Charities should be for the people, with one aim to empower them and free them from whatever situation they come to need help with.

Why this is needed:

Charities and Foundations have, from inception, been run mainly by bloodline and wealthy families which have served themselves. Churches guilt their fellowships into tithing, up to 10% of their gross income, to the church: of which overspending and waste prevail. Across the board, corruption reigns among the largest of these organizations. The intent for many of these is money laundering, political influence and even illegal activity, including trafficking of minors and adults alike, which ensures that nothing changes for those in need. They enjoy the tax breaks and top wages for their board members, while homelessness rises, drug addiction is out of control and children suffer from the hand to mouth existence and poverty traps, set up to imprison and disempower them. More money is commonly spent on advertising and fancy office buildings than actual aid. Transparency is minimal. These organizations typically use good people’s guilt, to ensure that those slightly more fortunate give what little they have, in the name of charity and goodliness.


  1. The solution is to shut down these charities and foundations, and replace them with transparently and cooperatively run community and worldwide organizations (if applicable) that will empower and provide real help, support and aid to those in need.
  2. Charity and foundation non-profits should pay the board less, than a for-profit corporate job, of equal measure of time and expertise given. This means that only people with a genuine interest in helping those in need, will participate.
  3. Full transparency of all boards, members and monies collected and spent will be the main stipulation. Working with The Peoples Club Blueprint, we can draw from our planned-out network to teach those in need how to correct their circumstances, and move forward from the problems they are currently encountering.
  4. A holistic approach that encompasses the whole person and their issues, will enable people to better themselves, with support and aids that are not monetary-based. This will encourage personal growth and self-responsibility, on an ongoing basis, until no longer required.
  5. A pay-it-forward approach can then encourage those that have been helped, to in turn, pass this knowledge on to anyone less fortunate or in need of assistance.
  6. With the emphasis on the perspective of the old saying, “give a person a fish, and they eat for a day, teach a person to fish and they can feed themselves for life”, we have then created a solid personal balance for the future for those in need.

Churches Solution:

  1. Conduct independent audits of all existing church run charities.
  2. Outcomes:
    • a) If criminal activities are proven (child abuse, trafficking, any other criminal activities), charity will be shut down, criminal charges filed and any resources repurposed to TPC or to compensate victims.
    • b) If charity proves to be beneficial, honest and provides needed support to the served community, endorse and support these charities.
  3. Implement transparent procedures to hold directors/officers/trustees of church run charities accountable for any criminal activities and to make sure the majority of resources reach those in need.

Who gains:

The needy, the downtrodden, the impoverished and the communities they live in will gain, as resources, now spent on people, rather than for profit, enhances not only the individual, but the wider community and the entire world. The drain on services that have previously been used, can be funneled back into providing teaching, training and health programs and will create a ripple effect that will be passed down to the children and families of those that have been targeted, through no fault of their own. Jobs that are more fulfilling and enriching will serve humanity, in a way that builds connections on a personal and collective level. This in turn enhances the collective consciousness of the whole planet. New programs that teach skills and break addictive mindsets only, serve humanity and help bring an end to the costly never-ending loop-based programs.

Who benefits:

The communities that have been badly affected from drug addiction, crime, homelessness, starvation and poverty traps will benefit. The many services that have been drained and overused such as hospitals, addiction centers, child protective services, prisons, and outreach centers will benefit. All of humanity will benefit.